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Vitamix blenders are an “investment” in that you give all your money to Vitamix, then see a return on your investment by way of crushed ice, super smooth soups, and perfectly blended beverages. (Some might say this is not a “real investment,” and they’re probably right; I am bad with money.)

I do not own a Vitamix blender, because I am a writer who is bad with money, but I have used one that belonged to a rich person, and boy, was I impressed.

If you are in the market for a high-powered, luxurious blender, you might as well buy one during the Vitamix Summer Sale, which runs on Amazon for nearly all of Prime month (July 7-30).

The deepest deals on Vitamix blenders

These two blenders are more than 20% off, which is substantial when you consider these blenders usually retail for more than $500.

Decent deals on Vitamix blenders

These deals aren’t as deep as the ones above, but they’re still pretty good (between 15-20%). There’s even a deal on an immersion blender, making it the first Vitamix appliance I could consider purchasing without selling my plasma.

If you’re a big smoothie head, or enjoy a fine and creamy bisque, consider snagging one of these beauties. It may not be a true investment, but you probably already have several of those. (I assume anyone who can afford top-of-the-line appliances is good with money, with many portfolios containing diverse stocks and bonds.)

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