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Pregnancy is one of the most intensive bodily transformations. Almost every part of the body changes in some way or the other. Women commonly experience a change in appetite. Pickles and ice cream are perhaps the most infamous food cravings you’ll experience, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Most women tend to store their favourite foods for untimely hunger pangs. But, what if your family is sneakily after all your stock? Something like this happened with a pregnant woman – tired of requesting her husband to not finish off her snacks – ended up buying a separate refrigerator to keep her food locked up. Now, she has shared the entire incident on Reddit, asking Redditors whether or not her step was justified. Also read: Viral Video: UK Man Makes Rajasthani Mirchi Vada; Impresses Internet“I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant and my biggest pregnancy issue is fatigue and, mainly, cravings and hunger. No matter what I do, I cannot seem to stay full. I eat all day but have managed to still lose 3 pounds,” she started off her story. The Reddit user then spoke about how she stopped at the store on her way home from work to stock up on her favourite snacks, like pizza, pickles, fruit (especially oranges, grapes and watermelon), popcorn, chicken noodle soup, and string cheese, among others.But, every time she used to check the fridge, almost all her snacks were gone. The culprit: Her husband, Paul (Imaginary name). Despite multiple warnings, the Reddit user said her husband gorges on the snacks and doesn’t care to refill them. “He says that it’s not a big deal and I can just get more. But then it involves me (not him) stopping at the store more and me (again, not him) spending more of my money,” she added.Even though the pregnant lady was ignoring all his antics, she finally snapped after her favourite ice cream became the target. The Redditor mentioned how her husband ate one entire side of the ice cream, which was strawberry, and left vanilla and chocolate for her. FYI: Strawberry was her favourite part. Further, instead of apologising for his actions, Paul just told her to run to the store and get some more. Wondering what happened next? She ordered a big fridge for $2300 (over 1,90,000) and paid for it from her personal savings account. The lady states that she and her husband – who have been married for 2 years now – don’t mingle their accounts. Therefore, Paul never saw that she bought a fridge until two days ago when it was delivered to their house. The cherry on top was that the woman had put locks on the fridge to safeguard her snacks, which disappointed her husband. The 10-month pregnant woman said, “I told him not to worry how much it cost and there’re locks on it to make sure he doesn’t eat all my snacks for my cravings. He said I can’t control what he eats, and I told him not. I’m just controlling who eats my snacks but the fridge in the house is open and he can have whatever is in that and the cabinets, but the fridge in the garage is for me only.”Also read: Swiggy Asks Which Foods Twitter Relates To Breakup – Responses Will Surprise YouAlthough the woman shared that her snacks are safe and she didn’t run to the store the entire week, her husband Paul is not speaking to her for mainly two reasons: “for making a large purchase without talking to him first and for “turning food into a war” (his words).” In the same post, she shared an update which was a sigh of relief as the couple was able to reconcile. She said that not only Paul shifted all her snacks from the garage to their kitchen but also got her a card and flowers to apologise.  “No more updates. Also, as happy as many of you would be to hear that I’m getting a divorce over snacks, that’s not happening,” the pregnant woman concludes. Take a look at the full post here: The Redditors were visibly disappointed with Paul’s behaviour, many even called him “extraordinarily selfish.” “What bothers me is that after eating your food, he tells you to go out and buy more. That is some nerve. Why doesn’t he go out himself and replace the food he took? He sounds extraordinarily selfish,” a user commented. Another added, “After eating all the strawberry side of the ice cream it was clear he was just outright selfish. Who does that?” Meanwhile, this person said, “So your fully capable adult husband is eating his pregnant wife’s snacks, and then expects you to go out and replace them with your own money. He’s likely he’s alive.” So what do you have to say?Featured Video Of The Day”If Not A Chef, I Would Be Sad”: Chef Gary Mehigan’s Most Candid Interview Yet

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