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Larry the Cat is Chief Mouser to the UK Cabinet Office. (AFP File Photo)After the resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, internet has shifted its attention to Larry the Cat. Many videos are circulating on Twitter that show the Cabinet Office’s “Chief Mouser” roaming outside 10 Downing Street in London or waiting for the gate of the Prime Minister’s Office to open.One of these videos, from the BBC, shows its correspondent Ros Atkins reporting live from Downing Street moments before Mr Johnson announced his resignation. The camera zooms in on Larry the Cat and a man is heard saying, “Are you asking him to resign Larry?”The videos started a conversation on Twitter. “Personally I think we should vote Larry as prime minister. He’d do a better job than any Tory twat,” said a user. “He’s all I care about now,” said another.Larry the Cat’s Twitter handle has also posted funny messages on the crisis unfolding in the UK. “I am willing to serve as caretaker Prime Minister because that’s frankly less ridiculous than the idea of Boris Johnson hanging around a minute longer,” one of the tweets said.”C̶a̶m̶e̶r̶o̶n̶ M̶a̶y ̶J̶o̶h̶n̶s̶o̶n̶ I’ve seen them all off,” another tweet said. A day before Mr Johnson’s resignation, the Twitter handled posted a message which went viral on Twitter. “I can no longer, in good conscience, live with this Prime Minister. Either he goes, or I do,” the social media post read.The tweet carried a photo of the famous cat standing in front of Downing Street with a photoshopped miniature podium.In other tweets, the handle has taken the “credit” for Mr Johnson’s resignation, sharing a funny tweet that reads, “If Boris Johnson hasn’t resigned by 10am I will be forced to crap in his shoes.”Mr Johnson finally put in his papers on Thursday, despite first wanting to tough it out. He was publicly ridiculed in Parliament where lawmakers in his Conservative Party told him to resign to his face, and others openly laughed at him.Also Read | Resigning UK PM Plans “Lavish” Wedding Party At Official Residence: ReportIt was only when a group of ministers and his closest colleagues appealed to Mr Johnson that he decided to go. This happened after over 50 ministers and the Prime Minister’s aides resigned.Mr Johnson has now resigned as party leader, vowing to remain PM until a new leader is chosen.Click for more trending news

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