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Absence makes the heart grow

We realise the value of any person in our life when we lose that person.we We never accept his or her importance in our life. This is all human mentality, but we deny to take it.we have a habit of ignoring everything very casually from the start. We never realize or think about that person who is working hard only for a smile on our face.
MOTHER, the most active person in our life, but ever did we think about the work done by our mom to satisfy us, ever did we say thank you to her for her unconditional love. Children never realize that her mother’s many nights go sleepless only because she check that her daughter or son is having a good sleep or not, many times we skip our breakfast only because we wake late and may to miss the school bus, but we never think that how early our mother wakes up to make a meal for us so we can go school with new energy. Ever did you think so? I am damn sure we never think so.

We realize her importance when we are far apart from her. The time when you arrive at your home, and there is no one to ask you that how’s your day gone that day, you surely remember the moment when your mother had to ask you about your day, and you are always used to ignore that question. Her absence makes you love her more, to respect her more.

All is our human nature; we can’t change it.when we realize its too late. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

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