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Aadhaar services can now be used for some of the online services of the Delhi government as the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has given its nod to the Industries Department in the union territory. After the approval from UIDAI, Aadhaar services can be used to avail eight online services, including conversion to freehold, and payment of dues and refund requests. The Aadhaar users opting to use the 12-digit unique identity numbers for these services will be asked for their consent to use the details.The Delhi government’s industries department has now received UIDAI’s approval to use Aadhaar details for eight online services, according to a PTI report. These include payment of dues and returns, application for possession and time extension for construction, among others.Before using the Aadhaar details, the users will be asked for their voluntary consent. They will also be briefed about the process with detailed information on how the Aadhaar data will be used by the government.Moreover, the government officials have assured that it will neither display the Aadhaar number anywhere nor store it in the Aadhaar data vault, providing complete safety of the Aadhaar details of any user.The notification issued by the government has also assured that in case of failure of Aadhaar-based authentication, the users will not be denied the services or benefits.

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