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I once listened to a man share his fitness journey. During his early life, which was from the moment he was born to his late 20s, he was fat. But he never thought of himself as a fat person, so losing weight wasn’t something that was on his mind. As he got older, he started to experience the effects of him being overweight. Breathing difficulties. Sleep apnea. Being out of breath after exercising for a short period of time. At that point, he had to be honest with himself and accept the fact that he was overweight. So he started his weight loss journey. And what place do people usually think of when it comes to losing weight? Yep, the gym. Picking up weights and putting them down, running on the treadmill, all that good stuff. That’s exactly what he did, but his progress was inconsistent. He’d lose 10 pounds, gain 14 pounds, then lose 12 pounds, and gain 15 more pounds. In the end, he couldn’t keep up with the routine, and stopped going to the gym. And after struggling to find motivation again, he found a simple exercise he knew he could do every single day, which was… Walking three miles. Combined with dieting, he ended up losing 30 pounds. But more importantly, this journey taught him self-responsibility and the power of creating positive habits. This also goes back to the whole concept about focusing on what you can control. Going back to the fitness journey story, instead of making a goal to lose 30 pounds in three months, make a goal to walk everyday. Earlier this year, I watched a training video that goes into this concept much more in-depth in a business setting, and I thought I’d share it with you. And it was taught by a great business coach and one of my email subscribers, Liz Wolfe. Check her training video out using the link below. About the author: Ellisen Wang is an email copywriter and the author of “How to Become an Email Titan.” You can read the sample chapters of the book and learn how to write email copy that your subscribers will never get enough of and will make them want to buy from you by opting in at When you opt in, you’ll also get daily copywriting, email marketing, and business tips sent straight to your inbox. If you don’t want to optin, you can also read through the blog and listen to the audios for more marketing content and training.
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