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Ever felt like you’d like to take up a new hobby—reading, biking, knitting—if only you could find the time? Google Calendar has a nifty feature called Goals that lets you make time for these little projects. All you have to do is pick a goal, tell Google Calendar how often you want to do it in a week, for how long, and when, roughly, you’d like to do it during the day. (Not everyone is a morning person, so you can also choose afternoon or evening to create some time for yourself.)

Once you’ve done this, Google Calendar will automatically schedule a time for your hobby, and you can set up notifications to be reminded when it is you time. Over time, the service picks up on your habits and schedules, so if you keep snoozing your goal for an hour or two, Google Calendar will eventually adjust the time accordingly. It’s also smart enough to avoid conflicts with other events in your calendar.

Goals can be created on mobile only, but they do show up on the web view after you’ve set them up. Hit the + icon in the bottom-right corner in the app and tap Goal. Then, just follow on-screen instructions to get started.

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