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If you don’t want everyone to see what you’re up to on Goodreads, you should review profile privacy settings immediately. Go to profile settings on Goodreads to begin this. Scroll down to Show my last name to (below your last name and display order) and select Friends from the drop-down menu. This hides the last name on your Goodreads profile from search engines. Alternatively, you can also consider using a fake name on your Goodreads profile, which can be changed on the same settings page.

Next, scroll down to Gender Viewable By and change it to Friends Only to hide your gender from everyone else, then do the same with Location Viewable By. You can also scroll down to Age & Birthday Privacy and select Age & Birthday to no one to hide it from everyone or Age & Birthday to friends. Ideally, though, Goodreads doesn’t need to know your age or birthday, so don’t input any information or use fake information here too.

You can then visit the settings tab under Goodreads account settings and enable a few more privacy-related options. Under Who Can View My Profile: select Friends or Goodreads members to reduce the number of people who can see your profile. Then uncheck Allow non-friends to follow my reviews and Allow non-friends to comment on my reviews or notes and highlights if you don’t want strangers to interact with you.

You can also uncheck Allow partners of Goodreads to display my reviews to stop your reviews from appearing outside Goodreads. Then, you can go to Who Can Send Me Private Messages: and select just my friends and groups I belong to. You should also go to Make my email address visible to: and select No one, and uncheck Allow Goodreads members to search for me by email.

Finally, scroll to the bottom, select the captcha checkbox, and click Save account settings.

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