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After taking time off to focus on stay-at-home parenting, it’s no easy feat to re-enter the work force. First and foremost, you’re now doing the work of not one but two demanding jobs: one is whatever earns you a physical paycheck, and the other is being a parent.

Former staff writer Sarah Showfety advises parents returning to work, “If you learn only one thing here, learn this: Do not ‘see how it goes.’ Select not only a daycare, nanny, or family member to care for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, but also someone to entertain, feed, get ready, and drop-off older kids at various activities when they return home from school. (Because, unless you have preternaturally independent (or older) children, guess who’s office they will be barging into for help with snacks, petty disputes, finding shin guards, and untying their blasted, double-knotted cleat laces—while you’re on deadline or in a meeting?)”

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