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Our extraordinary planet never ceases to amaze us. And Mother Nature always tries to show us how beautiful some things are that exist on Earth.
And it is that the places that we are about to show you come to check once again the strangeness of this world, full of inexplicable wonders to which not even science has been able to give a bit of logic to its existence.

Unknown territories that we do not even imagine exist, such as a volcano with blue lava or green water lakes, are one of the many things that are hidden as extraordinary wonders of our world, and that today we want to show you.
Join us on this short tour of 7 scientifically tricky places on Earth that exist to the amazement of all of us.

1) A well with water that turns things into stone


This looks like something out of a fantasy movie, but this site exists in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, where a lake is found that petrifies all objects that come your way.
This well is visited by many people, who place all kinds of objects such as teddy bears or bicycles, and after 3 to 6 months, the water that runs down the cliff turns them into the rock.
This is because the waters in the well are inexplicably high in mineral content, causing the first layer of hardened mineral to form over time, turning any object into stone. It is the little that scientists have been able to discover in these strange waters.

2) Gruner See Submersible Park

In the wintertime, this park located near the Hochschwab mountains is covered in snow entirely. And what happens in the spring is that all the snow melts and floods the lakes of the park, and causes the place to be immersed in this pile of crystalline waters, or at least that’s what scientists think.

3) A genetically distinct tree growing inside another tree

In Piemonte, Italy, you can find a cherry tree growing perfectly healthy and leafy, growing inside a mulberry tree, which enjoys the same formidable health as its companion.
What is fantastic is that, although two different plantations have already been seen growing one inside the other, it is generally in small, short-lived trees. But what happens here is on another level, since they are trees 5 to 7 meters wide, one on top of the other.

This unusual event has been given the name The Double Tree of Casorzo, and the theory is that perhaps an animal dropped the cherry seed into the trunk of the mulberry tree, causing this wonder to occur of nature.

4) Permanent electrical storm in the Catatumbo River

The electrical storm that never stops over the Catatumbo, located in western Venezuela. Although the phenomenon is incredibly beautiful, it is also a problematic fact, to which some scientists attribute the presence of uranium in the bed of the rock.

The display of lights begins at 7:00 pm sharp, and that’s when the beam starts to crash into the water for about 10 hours. The unexplained phenomenon occurs at least about 260 nights each year.

5) A lake in Japan that changes its watercolor

A lake with electric blue waters is located on the island of Hokkaido. But once you start to change your viewing angles, the serene waters begin to turn a little greener, continually changing color.
What surprises the locals the most is that this is an artificial lake, where the water blocked by the dam that they created is collected. Scientists claim that the phenomenon may be due to aluminum hydroxide particles that are in contact with the lake waters.

6) A volcano with blue lava

It is called Kawah Ijen, and it is a lake that contains blue lava. This is because there is a sulfur mine in the volcano, so in reality what it spits is sulfur, and does not wash.
When all the sulfuric gases found there are heated, they are fired in flares that rise to about 5 meters through the air, which is completely toxic, and those who work in the mine must protect themselves with oxygen masks.

7) Cave with a different atmosphere than Earth

This mysterious cave is located in Romania and has not seen sunlight for over 5 million years. And it is that the air that is emitted from the cave is incredibly toxic, due to the lake of sulfuric acid that is inside it.
But the most incredible thing about this fact is not the cave, but the 33 species of life that scientists have been able to find inside it. Of course, these are new species that do not exist on the surface of our world and have adapted to living within its sulfuric atmosphere.

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