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While it’s no secret that eating green leafy vegetables is necessary for a healthy lifestyle, we are still confused about how to make room for them in our diet. From Palak (Spinach) to Methi (Fenugreek) to Sarso (Mustard), half of us can’t even differentiate between the way they look. And knowing which green vegetable helps us with what nutrient? Well, that’s a different ballgame altogether. So, before it gets any more complicated, let us start with the benefits of one of the most common leafy vegetables found in our homes – Palak. The humble palak is a storehouse of Vitamin K and there is definitely more than one way you can include it in your diet.Health Benefits of Palak:Paalak has benefits aplenty, the major ones being that it is a rich source of Vitamin K, magnesium calcium, and phosphorous, it may also help with eye health and bone health. Its high content of Vitamin K makes it a must-have for numerous health problems. Rupali Datta, Consultant Nutritionist, says, “Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting. It also plays an important role in bone formation”. Also, Dr. Manoj K. Ahuja, Sukhda Hospital says, “Studies have shown that Vitamin K2 also helps prevent osteoporosis, and serves as the biological “glue” that helps plug calcium and other important minerals into your bone matrix”. Now that you know the numerous benefits of palak, you may be wondering how you can increase its intake in your diet. Well, you’ve come to the right place because here are some of the easy palak recipes you can make to stalk up on your vitamin k requirements of the day.(Also read : Make This Protein-Packed Palak Egg Curry In Just 30 Minutes – Recipe Inside)Here Are 5 Palak Recipes To Maintain Your Daily Vitamin K Intake1. Palak dal :Palak dal is a simple and comforting dish that you can easily make on an everyday basis. The flavors of palak enhance your regular dal while keeping you healthy. Read the simple recipe here.Enhance the flavours of a simple dal by adding palak to it. 2. Palak pata chaat :Plaak pata chaat is just the nutritious crispy snack that you need in the evening. Palak leaves are dipped in besan and fried crisp then garnished with curd, different masalas, and toppings of your choice, sounds interesting right? Try the easy recipe here.3. Palak Dal Khichdi :Another classic comforting dish that is easy to make and fuss-free. If you are bored of always having the plain khichdi, make it much more interesting with this palak dal khichdi recipe. With a spoonful of desi ghee on top, this palak dal khichdi is a delicious lazy lunch option. Read the recipe here.Enjoy this highly nutritious palak dal khichdi with a dollop of ghee or butter4. Chicken saagwala :Double up on protein and nutrients with this extremely healthy chicken saagwala dish that is delicious and easy. Cooked it spinach puree and finished off with cream, this easy dish is a must-try. Click here for the recipe.5. Palak Paneer:How can we forget our beloved palak paneer when talking about paneer dishes, the classic vegetarian delicacy is a must-have whenever you want a healthy and delicious palak curry. Read the recipe here.Palak paneer is an-time favourite dish for all palak lovers6. Aloo Palak ki gujjia :An extremely delicious and rich curry, this aloo palak ki gujjia is an indulgent affair indeed. Make a mix with boiled potatoes, paneer, and chopped palak, shape in a gujiia mold, and fry till golden. Cook this in thick masaledar gravy and serve. Read the recipe here.7. Palak soup :Have had a tiring day and don’t want to take any efforts in cooking? Well, this is the perfect palak dish for you. Make this creamy palak soup by sautéing some of the ingredients and blending them into a smooth paste. Pair with some buttered bread and an easy and nutritious meal is ready. Click here for the recipe.This quick and easy green soup is a great recipe way to stock up on nutrients on those lazy days(Also read : Palak Egg Curry, Palak Kofta And More: Try These Yummy High-Protein Recipes For Healthy Eating)Make palak a part of your daily diet with these easy recipes. 

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