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Every day, at about 4 o’clock, we finally have some alone time. All we want to do at this point is relax with a cup of tea and take out the stress of our hectic day. When it comes to tea time, we all know that a delicious cup of kadak chai is never complete without a plate of snacks. If you look around and explore, you’ll find a plethora of snacks to go with your tea. However, there are some Indian classics that pair best with tea. For example, samosa, bread pakoda, and other dishes. Having said that, we’ve compiled a list of classic Indian snack recipes to make your teatime a decadent affair. Once you make these recipes, you can also add a side dip or spicy chutney that would go well with your tea time. The best part about all these snacks is that they will be ready in just 20-25 minutes! Without further ado, let’s learn how to make them all. Take a look.(Also Read: 7 Easy And Quick Snacks Recipe To Satiate Midnight Cravings)Quick Snacks: Here’re 7 Classic Indian Snacks To Pair With Your Evening Tea1. SamosaAn all-time favourite! Every desi foodie’s heart sings when they bite into a crispy samosa with soft masaledaar aloo filling. To prepare this, all you need are some basic kitchen essentials such as maida, potato, some seasonings and oil to fry. That’s all you require to create this magical treat! Click here for Samosa recipe.2. Bread PakodaNext up, we bring you another popular option. The spicy mashed potato filling wrapped in bread and deep fried until crisp and golden will be a divine experience you won’t want to miss! It only takes a little more than 20 minutes to prepare this snack. Click here for Aloo Bread Pakoda recipe.3. Aloo BondaAloo bonda is made with a mixture of spiced potatoes, shaped into tiny round balls and dipped in a dense besan batter before frying. Click here for the Aloo Bonda recipe.4. Vada PavVada pav is the iconic street food of Mumbai, a city beloved throughout the country. To make vada pav, fried batata vada is sandwiched between two pav and smeared with dry peanut chutney. Click here for Vada Pav recipe.5. Ram Laddoo With Mooli ChutneyRam Laddoo is basically tiny pakodas that are crunchy on the outside and delicate on the inside. It comes with a zesty and flavoursome chutney on the side, as well as grated mooli. Click here for Ram Laddoo recipe.6. Bombay-Style Bhel PuriLast but not least, we bring you a popular Mumbai street food. This snack is made with puffed rice, onions, spices, chutneys, and crunchy mathri pieces. It is an easy-to-transport snack that is also pocket-friendly. Click here for Bhel Puri recipe.7. Aloo TikkiWe can’t talk about traditional Indian snacks without mentioning our favourite aloo tikki! After all, that crispy, greasy, and flavorful fried tikki is something we can’t get enough of.  You can also make Punjabi-style aloo tikki by adding cooked chole curry, green chutney, imly chutney, and chopped onions on top of the fried tikki! Click here for Aloo Tikki recipe.Now, that you know all the recipes, try them out and let us know which one turned out to be your favourite among all. Happy Snacking! Featured Video Of The DayGud Ke Chawal Recipe | How To Make Gud Ke Chawal

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