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Let’s admit, due to our hectic work schedule, we barely get time to manage things at home. Hence, we all look for a few tips and tricks to perform all the tasks without any hassle. Social media is laden with videos featuring a plethora of interesting hacks to make our kitchen work easier and simpler. While exploring these hacks, we came across a few vinegar hacks that will make our life a whole lot easier and also help us solve our day-to-day kitchen-related problems. For the unversed, vinegar is an acidic liquid made by fermenting ethanol (such as wine or rice) or natural sugar. With the help of yeast, sugar is converted into alcohol, which then ferments into vinegar. Without any further ado, let’s learn how to use this ingredient. Take a look below.Also Read: Kitchen Hacks: Save Your Time In The Kitchen With These 7 Easy Tips5 Vinegar Hacks You All Must Try At Home:1. Tenderise Chicken Or Any MeatVinegar helps in tenderising the meat. Wondering how? Well, vinegar can help in killing the bacteria and further breaking down the fibres, making it tender and juicy. Besides, vinegar also helps in removing all the gooey, fatty residue from chicken skin so that chicken pieces hold the marination and coating better.2. Increases The Shelf Life Of CondimentsVinegar can extend the life of condiments like ketchup, pickles, and more. You can add vinegar to the bottom of the condiment jar or when the jar is nearly empty. Shake the jar after adding the vinegar, it will help loosen up the condiment without affecting the taste quotient.3. Great For PreservationWhen you put the cheese in the refrigerator, it gets very hard. To avoid that, dip a cotton cloth in vinegar. Wrap the cheese in the wet cloth and store inside a plastic bag. Keep it in the fridge. In fact, you can also soak leafy greens like spinach, lettuce, and more in 2 cups of water plus a tablespoon of white vinegar. This will increase the shelf life of these veggies.4. Great Substitute Of Sour IngredientsIt is not possible to have all the ingredients available in the kitchen pantry. Sometimes, we forget something and that’s okay! Vinegar can be a great substitute for buttermilk, lemons, and even salt. You can add vinegar to your salads, chaats, tikkas and more.5. CleaningVinegar can be used to clean a variety of things. Be it stainless steel utensils, kitchen shelves, chopping boards, glass surfaces or what not! Take a spray bottle, add water, and a few spoons of vinegar. Your kitchen cleaner is ready!So, what are you waiting for? Try out these hacks and let us know how they worked for you in the comments section below. If you know any such hacks, write down below.

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