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Not present on time

Candidates should not arrive too late for an interview. Often candidates do it. When they come, they address or enter some personal issues like bus timing or train timing. This is a blunder. Candidates should arrive on time on that particular day. Not to arrive so late or do not apologize for being late or coming late when they do visit.

Even arriving too early for an interview is also a bad sign. Five minutes early is fine, but 10 minutes or more than that is a little bit scary.



Playing with something on the interview table

Sometimes some of the candidates are plays with something at the table. One-third (34 %) of employers have seen candidates playing with something during an interview, and they are not getting it. This is a blunder.

Here not only sound education but candidates’ alertness and dedication too are most required. This careless attitude no longer shows respect for the director’s time. Thus this is a blunder.



Arrogance appearance of candidates

Arrogance appears to the director at the interview. An arrogant or possessive presence is an instant disqualification for your appointment to 58% of managers. Candidates need to be prepared and able to discuss their professionalism and what they stand out. There is a fine line between arrogance and conceit. Candidates should frame their big win into the overall success of the company.

For example, their (any candidates’) impressive sales numbers at any of their previous companies were the largest in the company’s revenue for a single year.

Also remember that no one owes anybody a lucrative job, no matter how good they think they are.

Remember their etiquette and show them that you, as a candidate, appreciate their (employer’s) time with a simple but authentic “thank you.”



Do not forget to bring copies of resume

They have not assumed that an interviewer has a copy of any candidate’s CV regardless of how many times they send it or who they send it to. This is a blunder.

During their interviews, they often meet new people who have never met them or their resume, so they should bring several copies of CVs.

The candidate must bring with him or her – an extra pen, a list of references and directories. If anyone forgets these, it will be a blunder.

The last thing they often want to do is get an office supply or service from the interviewer. Candidates should remember the candidate wants to work for them. They should start the process by telling the interviewer to work for them.



Cell phone issue

There is no one at an interview telling them (to any candidate) to turn off their cell phone, so they need to remind it for their good fortune. Cell phone issue is prevalent. So they want to take care of this issue. The cell phone is essential but not so necessary as not living life without water. 


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