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Sattu needs no introduction. Made from powdered chana, it has been a part of our diet since eons. Enriched with protein, fibre and other essential nutrients, sattu is a storehouse of several health benefitting properties. Besides, this flour is also versatile to the core. From paratha to laddoo, we can make different types of dishes with sattu – sherbet being the most popular one. A perfect breakfast food, sattu is light, wholesome and helps give a healthy start to the day. Take sattu in a glass, add water, salt, sugar, lime juice and cumin powder to it, stir and drink up. It also keeps you cool and hydrated.Considering the popularity, we have curated 5 best sattu options that can be a good addition to your pantry. Read on.1. M.R Healthy Eats Organic Homemade Chana SattuThis sattu is made of 100% natural and organic roasted gram. It is healthy, tasty and provides you instant energy.2. Naturevibe Botanicals Organic SattuHere’s another pack of organic sattu powder, perfect to make sattu cooler. Moreover, its cooling property helps keep our body hydrated for long.25% off3. Swastik Pure And Fibrous SattuAs the name suggests, this pack of pure and organic sattu is perfect to make recipes such as litti, paratha, halwa, kheer and et al. Besides different recipes, it also helps in cleansing and removing greasy oil from the body.1% off4. Satkarma Chana SattuIf you are someone who likes to eat raw sattu with some tangy spices then this product is for you. In addition, you can also create post workout protein drinks and a number of other dishes with this pack of sattu.41% off5. Ruchi Multigrain Sattu This pack contains multigrain sattu with goodness of cashew nuts. It is a natural energy booster which can also be used for preparing pre and post workout drinks.Disclaimer: This is promoted content with links from our affiliate partnerships. We get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

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