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We all have our set preferences while visiting an Indian restaurant or a dhaba. I am speaking for everyone here that dal fry tadka is a must-order, especially in dhabas. There’s something about this dal dish that brings us back to the dhabas to enjoy the electrifying flavours. Have you ever wondered how those guys make arhar dal fry tadka that we are not able to replicate at home? We are spilling the beans today! Yes, here are some secret tips to make dhaba-style dal fry tadka with the same taste and aroma.  We found the recipe video with tips to make dhaba-style dal fry tadka on the YouTube channel “Cook With Parul.” Here are some tips she shared. Here’re 5 Tips To Make Dhaba-Style Dal Fry Tadka: 1. Add moong dal Adding some moong dal to arhar dal will help with binding the dal, making it grainy and soft at the same time. When cooking arhar dal alone, it tends to get a little too mushy. Moong dal will help retain the right texture of the dal. 2. Cook Dal With Whole SpicesAdd bay leaves, ghee, cardamom and cloves while cooking the dal in pressure cooker. The flavours of the whole spices will enhance the taste of the dal before mixing it with tadka. 3. Prevent Water From Spilling With GheeSpread some ghee on the outer part of the cooker whistle so that water doesn’t spill out. Ghee will lock the outlet of the nozzle to prevent water from coming out. 4. Crush Whole Coriander SeedsAdd crushed coriander seeds instead of powdered coriander; this will add more potent flavour of the whole spice. Also, add whole red chillies, green chillies and Kashmiri red chilli powder to get the mixed flavours of all these spices.  5. Add Smokiness To The DalMake tadka for the dal on high flake and immediately pour over the dal to let the smokiness of the tadka infuse in the dal. Don’t forget to let the tadka cook with dal by closing the lid of the pan. (Also Read: 5 Dhaba-Style Dal Recipes To Amp Up Your Dinner Spread)Dal tadka is a popular dish in Indian cuisine.  How To Make Dhaba-Style Dal Fry Tadka I Dhaba-Style Dal Fry Tadka Recipe: Method: Take 1 cup toor dar or arhal dal, 1/4 cup moong dal and wash them 2-3 times with water and soak in water for 20-25 minutes. You’ll see it fluff up. Cook the dal in a pressure cooker with some salt, turmeric powder, bay leaf, 1 green cardamom and 2 cloves. Add a tbsp. of ghee and spread some ghee on the top of the whistle. Pressure cook on a medium flame for 1 or 2 whistles.  To make the onion-tomato mixture, heat ghee with some oil, add cumin seeds, roughly ground coriander seeds, whole red chillies, and a pinch of hing. When these ingredients release an aroma, add chopped onions, add lots of garlic, some green chillies and chopped ginger. Then add turmeric powder and red chilli powder, some salt, tomatoes, jeera powder and coriander powder. Mix the cooked dal well.  Make tadka with garlic, whole red chillies and red chilli powder, and immediately add it to the dal and cook for a minute with closed lid.  Watch the complete recipe video of dal fry tadka here: (Also Read: Lucknow’s Sultani Dal – Try This Toor Dal Recipe For A Slice Of Mughlai Royalty)Featured Video Of The Day”If Not A Chef, I Would Be Sad”: Chef Gary Mehigan’s Most Candid Interview Yet

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