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No kitchen is complete without kitchen tools and appliances for daily cooking purposes. An Indian cooking experiences preparation of a lot of spices and intricate dishes. Thanks to these kitchen appliances, our work gets quick and easy. From a gadget as simple as a milk frother to something as complicated as a microwave oven – each contributes to making our kitchen life fuss-free. One such tool that comes handy is a hand mixer. As the name suggests, it is one handy option for whipping cream, whisking eggs and more. Therefore, we have selected some wonderful hand mixer options that would give a superior performance under a budget. Take a look.Here Are 5 Best Deals On Hand Mixers – Get Up To 30% Off On AmazonInalsa’s hand blender has a powerful motor that provides powerful processing and at the same time energy saving. With this appliance, you will not only be able to save time but also save money. This blender performs all your whisking and kneading tasks efficiently. It comes with a 7-speed control setting that gives you complete control of your food preparation. This product was for Rs 1,395 and now it is for Rs 999.Specifications:Price – Rs 999Rating – 4/5Material – Plastic28% offPhilip’s hand mixer has a lightweight and ergonomic design that makes mixing food comfortable and easy. This cone-shaped beater works faster, covering a larger surface area in less time and incorporating air into the batter to give a smooth and fluffy texture. This hand mixer comes with a pair of strip beaters and dough hooks that easily attach with a click. This product was for Rs 2,295. And now it is for Rs 2, 010.Specifications:Price – Rs 2,010Rating – 4.5/5Material – Plastic20% offKENT’s hand blender comes with multiple beaters which are easy to eject and make cooking easier and faster. The powerful copper motor promises longevity of the hand blender and the auto cut-off feature safes it from over-heating. With 5 variable speed controls, you can mix different types of ingredients at the touch of a button! This blender is the ideal companion for baking and cooking. It was for Rs 1,600 and now it is for Rs 1,048.Specifications:Price – Rs 1,048Rating – 4.5/5Material – Plastic34% offBajaj’s hand mixer can help you get away from the toughest cooking tasks. It makes kneading, mixing, whisking, beating and other cooking tasks easy and efficient. It comes with 3-speed control – low, medium and high speed – allowing you to cook various dishes with ease. It comes with a powerful 250-watt motor that ensures effortless and fast blending. This product was for Rs 1,699 and now it is for Rs 2,030.Specifications:Price – Rs 2,030Rating – 4.5/5Material – Plastic16% offBorosil’s hand blender comes with chrome finishes dough hook and a beater attachment. The dough hook can be used for kneading all sorts of atta and the beater attachment can be used for regular whisking and blending. It comes with 5 variable speed options and a turbo button. So you can adjust your speed based on your cooking needs. This hand blender also has a container for all the accessories! This product was for Rs 2,490 and now it is Rs 1,887.Specifications:Price – Rs 1,887Rating – 4.5/5Material – Plastic31% offDisclaimer: This is promoted content with links from our affiliate partnerships. We get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

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