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And did you know that you can follow all non-followers with a single click? So let’s learn about some of the best twitter tools in this post. As you read the text of this post, you must have asked this question, why only Twitter? How can only 140-character tweets help reach people? How can this be useful for your online blog or business? Most beginning bloggers may not realize the incredible power of Twitter at first. Twitter is one of the best promotional tools on the market, so you can reach a large section of the community and gain new followers for your blog.

Now different people are using Twitter differently. The effective use of Twitter depends on many factors such as hashtag, retweet, favorite, tweet to tweet. In this post, we will learn about the following active influencers who can enhance your account rights. This will help you to take a step forward on Twitter. They are the people who make your Twitter timeline a valuable place. So you must keep your Twitter profile clean from time to time so that only good people are left behind and do not follow those who do not abandon you in such a situation. Manual analysis and checking people’s profiles is a great option, but now that you are so active on Twitter, you can’t check the profiles of thousands of people.

So today, I am going to share with you some tools that can analyze your twitter account and not follow your non-followers. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow the blind. Most people will not leave you, and this is a fact. Here you have to follow those who add less or nominal productivity to you and whose goods they share are useless to me. Here is a list of some amazing Twitter tools.

3 Twitter tools to increase followers and productivity 

Tweepy (

This is a very popular website, where you can manage your Twitter account. After you log in and authenticate your Twitter account, you will also get a screenshot of the dashboard below. Here you can reject your followers (do not follow) or follow those users (following you) or perform simple cleaning activities so that you can create an interactive Twitter profile. 

Follow these tools may seem useless at first, but when you follow a lot of Twitter users, automatically opening each profile and checking the authenticity is not a good option. With this tool, you will get a quick summary of each user and sort all the users according to the criteria you have set. One limitation of this tool is that you cannot follow it one by one with this tool. If there was an option to follow this in bulk, it would be great.

Manageflitter (

There can be many reasons for Twitter users not to follow. Some do not want to follow fake followers and some want to follow those who do not give them back.

Others want to follow those who tweet the most. Many times there are bots that refer to themselves as real Twitter profiles and their only goal is spamming. So with your help, Manageflitter can do this. It provides an effective mechanism to clean up your Twitter timeline. With this basic filter, it offers some features like Power Post, which helps you to publish tweets at the best 5 times 5 so that you can reach as many people as possible. Additionally, you can track keywords from tweets and beat your competition by getting analytics.

Crowdfire (

In the past, it was called Just Unfollow. This is a place you love so much. Its UI is great. It is very easy to use, and its good navigation will help you a lot in cleaning up your Twitter timeline. All of these will enable you to have an effective usage of Twitter and reach a wider audience.

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