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The survivor, police say, underwent medical examination and results are awaited. (file)Chennai: Three class 10 students have been arrested in Tamil Nadu for the alleged gang-rape of their classmate, a fifteen-year-old girl. The boys had also allegedly shared a video recording of the sexual assault. Another boy who was in a relationship with her has been arrested for stalking her. Ms Kiruba, Inspector of Police at Thittakudi, told NDTV, “The alleged perpetrators, all minors in Cuddalore district, had blackmailed the girl student with a photograph that shows her with her boyfriend and threatened her to come to one boy’s home where the assault took place.”Police say the girl had recently visited the home of her male friend, a former senior student, for his birthday celebration. One of the alleged offenders, a classmate who had gotten hold of a picture of the boy and the girl together, blackmailed her saying he would show it to her parents, and asked her to come to his home behind the school. When she went there during lunch break on the first of this month, a total of three boys sexually assaulted her and one even videographed the crime, which was later shared with other students. On learning that the video was being shared, the girl told everything to her mother following which police swung into action. Police have arrested the accused for rape and have invoked the POCSO Act (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) as well. The minor boys in conflict with the law have been sent to an observation home. Superintendent of Police of Cuddalore, Mr S Sakthi Ganesan, said, “Only three boys had allegedly assaulted her sexually. The fourth boy has been booked for stalking her. He was in a relationship with her earlier”. The survivor, police say, underwent medical examination and results are awaited. 

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