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Asylum (1972) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p]

I’ve never heard of this movie, and the comment is kind of long, but I am going to include it mostly unedited as evidence that maybe things weren’t all better back in the good old days when kids could stay out alone until all hours.

“I was maybe 8 years old and went to a Halloween party at my elementary school. They were showing Asylum which was a 1972 film which covered 5 Creepfest style shorts which detailed a horror story.

I made it to the 2nd act, ‘Frozen Fear.’ A husband plots with his mistress to kill his wife, which he does. He chops up her body, wraps each part in butcher paper and puts them in the freezer in the basement. He then sits down for a drink to wait for his mistress. A short time later he hears noises coming from the basement, turns and sees the paper wrapped head at the top of the stairs, the paper moving in/out as the head breaths. It then rolls towards him, he throws his drink at the head and it disappears. He then of course has to check to see if the body is in the freezer, so he goes down to the basement, looks in the freezer and a paper wrapped hand grabs him by the throat.

A short time later his mistress shows up, sees the broken glass on the floor and goes to the basement. She looks in the freezer, and the husband is stuffed in there. The door to the basement slams closed, she turns around and sees the paper wrapped head rolling forward, upright, breathing at her. Then paper wrapped limbs start writhing towards her.

This was a time when parents did not hover when you trick-o-treated. There was no oversight on age appropriate movies. I was scared to death for years because of this movie. I called my mom to come get me, we did not have an answering machine. No cell phone to call, and she was out at a friend’s Halloween party. So I walked home at 9 pm, by myself, listening to every noise in the woods nearby. It’s comical now how bad horror was in 1972, but I was traumatized for years.” —Dano_Austin

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