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The very best free Santa crochet patterns that the web has to offer have been collected in this article. This crocheted Santa collection includes amigurumi Santa dolls, crochet Santa ornaments for your Christmas tree and various items that will add a jolly atmosphere to your holiday decor. These little Santas also make wonderful presents for friends and family and making them is a sure way to put to in the holiday mood! Enjoy this list of free crochet Santa patterns and if you have one to add, please let me know!

1 – Santa Cutie!

This little guy is a real cutie pie! Just look at his little face! And he has such a festive little bell on his hat, you cannot help but feel some holiday cheer!

This blogpost does not just offer the pattern for this incredibly cute little Santa, it also provides instructions for his cute little sleigh! This way you can send him with little treats as a special Christmas present for all your friends!

2 – Grandpa Santa

This sweet Santa sure is grandfatherly looking! You can just tell that he’s ready to hug everybody he sees! What a wonderful centerpiece this Santa will be on your Christmas table or mantelpiece! I love his little glasses and his straggly beard. And in his traditional red outfit and hat he looks warm enough for even the coldest winter nights!

The pattern is in Spanish, surely no problem with Google translate. It is very succinct and doesn’t offer any images, so probably not suitable for beginners.

3 – Santa Ornament

When I first saw this little Santa I just had to laugh! He’s so cute! With his little beady eyes and cheeky smile he will certainly spread some joyful holiday cheer! Make this cheeky Santa ornament for every friend and family member and don’t forget to hang him in your own Christmas tree!

The pattern is in Russian, but is fairly simple and comes with lots of photos to help you on your way. His body is a basic triangle shape and you can decorate him in any way you want!

4 – Gift Egg Santa

This amigurumi Santa has a very impressive beard! He doubles as both decoration ánd gift wrapping: he’s crocheted around something resembling an Kinderegg container. This way you can use this Santa as a very unique money envelope. Or you can stuff the egg with little sweets or other small presents! Double the fun for both the giver and the receiver!

The pattern is in German and includes some pictures. Given that you would want it to fit your own little egg (or other container) you would probably have to make some adjustments to size or number or stitches etc. Ofcourse you could also just stuff him like a traditional amigurumi Santa and just enjoy him in your Christmas decor!

5 – Santa Bauble

This sweet Santa is probably one of my favorite Christmas and Santa patterns. I have made him over and over in all sorts of variations and colors, but I have to admit that this original one is truly the best! I love his cute little face and beard and the little bear is just perfect! You can also crochet or add a little gift or Christmas star or bell for him to hold and even with empty hands he’s still a wonderful addition to anyone’s Christmas tree. And what a great way to recycle your old Christmas baubles!

The pattern is in English and is a free download (free registration required) from the website. The crocheting part is pretty straight forward, but it can be quite fiddly to attach the hook at the top. Please note that the pattern does NOT include instructions for the little bear!

6 – Santa Pillow

This Santa is a great addition to your holiday decor. He’ll look wonderful on your mantel or under the Christmas tree, but is also very suitable to snuggle up with on the sofa or in the kids’ room! I love his straight yarn beard and multicolored hat. And someone bearing gifts is always welcome in any home!

The pattern is in English and is a Red Heart free download (free registration required). The instructions are very clear, as is the case with most Red Heart patterns and includes instructions for special stitches and finishing touches. This way your Santa will turn out perfect every time!

7 – Amigurumi Santa

This little Santa is designed in wonderfully clean lines. You can make him small enough to put in your Christmas tree, or bigger and be more snuggable. Either way, he is a cutie!

The pattern is written in Spanish, but with the help of Google translate it is still suitable for beginners. The designer links to a tutorial (in English) to help with adding the yarn for the beard.

8 – Jolly St. Nick

This jolly fellow is ready for hugs! I love the details in his face: his little nose, the eyebrows and his wonderful moustache and beard are nothing short of spectacular! His outfit is completed with his pompom hat and little belt buckle button (you can use any color you want!). What a great toy for your kids to play with!

The pattern is in English and is available as a free download from the website. The instructions are very clear. With all the small little pieces that have to be crocheted and the required assembly, this pattern is probably not the easiest one for beginners. I love that the nose is part of the pattern for the head. Don’t forget to add the red apple cheeks with some crayon!

9 – Stern Santa

This Santa is very serious about his naughty and nice list! His somewhat stern features show the kids that he’s not messing around! You will find coal in your Christmas stocking if you have done something you shouldn’t have! He does have lovely piercing blue eyes and I’m sure with a little tweaking you can give him a more friendly face. It also has to be said that his beard is truly spectacular! Many hipsters will envy him! If you include a bit of weight (beans or rice or something less perishable) in the bottom of his body he’ll be able to stand a bit more secure. Or just weigh down the body completely and create yourself a festive Santa doorstop!

The pattern is in English and available as a free download from the website (free registration required). It is very detailed, but does not contain a lot of pictures. I love that the designer used a genuine belt buckle for the belt!

10 – Santa Bunting

The photo is not of the best quality, but it conveys the general feeling of this pattern: what a fun “string of Santas”! We’re catching them right in the act of coming down the chimney to distribute the presents! Make a whole lot and use them as bunting hanging from your mantel or shelf. Or hang them as cheeky Santa decorations in your Christmas tree or wreath!

The pattern is in Russian, so use Google translate! The instructions are very detailed, though a few more photos would have been welcome. All in all not pattern suitable for beginners.

11 – Funky Santa

This is indeed quite the funky Santa with his burgundy pants, pink trimming and green buttons! He sure looks like he’s having a wonderful time filling the little (very cute!) Christmas stockings will all sorts of goodies for the little boys and girls. Ofcourse you can change any color you want to fit your own decor and taste.

The pattern is available in English and Dutch as a free download from the Ravelry website (free registration required). The instructions are wonderfully detailed and are supported with photos. Make sure to create the fluffy beard for your Santa for extra snuggleness!

12 – Itty Bitty Santa

OMG, cuteness overload! I can’t even! The proportionally absurdly large pompom is just perfect as are his red cheeks and cute face! What a great little Santa to make as an ornament for your Christmas tree, to hang from your rear view mirror in the car or use as an incredibly sweet and unique Christmas tag! Slap a keyring on him and get yourself in the holiday spirit everytime you head out the door, use him as a bottle decoration when you bring some wine to a Christmas party. The possibilities are endless for this little friend!

The pattern is written in English and very clear and filled with photos. The beard is not crocheted, but felted, instructions were included by the designer. Just because it is small doesn’t necessarily mean it is easier to make. Especially the final assembly can be quite the fiddly business the smaller the project gets. But all you need to do is look at this cute little Santa to know all the effort will be worth it in the end!

13 – Santa Bust

Another great amigurumi Santa with a sleek, slightly minimalistic look. I love the simplicity of this pattern: it looks effortless without being boring. There is enough detail to spark your interest. The little buckle and button. His little scarf (you can choose any color you want!) and neatly trimmed frayed little beard. He’s a real sweetie! Because of his small size, you can make a lot of Santas for all sorts of uses: use him as a lovely tree ornament, put him in your Christmas wreath on your door, make him into a placeholder for Christmas dinner, hang him on your rear view mirror, make him into a keyring! Or just give him away as a thoughtful Christmas gift to friends and family.

The pattern is written in English (also in Dutch) and available on the website. If you want to download the pdf for easier storage you can download it for free after (free) checkout from the designer’s webstore. The little belt is crocheted into the body. The pattern includes instructions for the frayed little beard. Go and make them for all your friends!

14 – Santa Doll

This cute Santa doll will delight any person’s heart! He’s all ready for Christmas in his traditional red outfit with white trimming and black belt. And he’s also ready for hugs and snuggles! What a great present for a Christmas loving kid! Or what a great centerpiece for your mantel or shelf! If you weigh down his lovely broad boots with something heavy he’ll even be able to stand by himself! You only have to look at his friendly face with his cute button nose and you’ll feel ready for the holiday season!

The pattern is written in Spanish and is divided in four parts. The pattern is not very detailed in some places, although it is possible this is a result of the language divide despite the use of Google translate. It is certainly not suitable for beginners. This Santa will take some serious effort to create, certainly not a quick project! Dependent on the yarn width you’re using you could end up with a large sized doll. Please try out a small element first in order to be able to estimate the final size. This way you will be a little more secure in how much time and yarn (!) this project will take.

15 – Papa Noel

I love this little amigurumi Santa doll with his pointy beard and magnificent moustace. If you would make him in different colors he could be a wizard! But also as Papa Noel, he’s a cutie. Such a friendly faced Santa! Make him for your kids and they’ll snuggle him all through the holidays!

The pattern is written in Spanish (or German), so hit that Google translate button! The instructions are pretty straightforward, even without the support of any photos. Not the most complicated pattern out there, but the language barrier might prove somewhat difficult for true beginners.

16 – Santa Ornament

There should be no Christmas tree this year without this cute little Santa ornament proudly hanging from it’s branches. What a cutie patootie! I just love his little beady eyes and his ringlet beard. Make one hundred and deck the hall with bows of Santa’s! Falalalalalalalala!

The pattern is written in English. The instructions are very clear and well explained. Extra links to tutorials are provided to explain the techniques for creating a magic circle, double loop stitch and the carry along method. Also the bobble stitch is explained. The body and face (including the beard!) are made in one continous piece where you have to change yarn colors and crochet stitches (double loop stitch for the beard) at well defined points. The hat is made separately and attached after finishing both pieces.

17 – Santa Door Greeter

This Santa is so eager to greet your guests that he hangs from your door! His Christmas bell will alert you of the door opening and closing and their festive jingle will fill your home with the holiday spirit. I love the details of this design: from his straggly fuzzy beard to the little button details on his chest. Your visitors have never felt so welcome!

The pattern is in English and is very clear. The design works up relatively quickly, so make one for every door in your home! Make sure to add all the wonderful Christmas bell details, and add even more of your own design!

18 – Santa Bauble

I can’t help myself, I love crocheted Christmas tree ornaments! They are so cute and small and yet so festive! And if you like one pattern, you can make it a million times! Or, you know, at least enough of them to fill up your whole tree. And then make more to give away to friends and family. This little Santa is cute, small and detailed enough to make it an interesting project. And if your tree is full and you still want to make more? Just get a bigger tree!

I have included this little Santa in this list not only because he’s cute, but also because the pattern is very very clear and it includes lot of photos for extra instruction. This pattern is very suitable for beginners who want to start of their festive season with a small little project to get into the holiday spirit. You’ll find that once you get started, you’ll want to make more and more of these cute Santas!

19 – Dangly Santa

This last pattern is such a cute little one! I just love his dangly arms and legs. The details of the trimming and the pompom in fluffy wool just add to his overall cuteness. Just look at his little nose and eyes! So sweet! Make one to cuddle for all your friends and family and you’ll find out that these dangly arms give the best Christmas hugs ever!

The pattern is written in Spanish, but is in essence a very simple project. Make sure to include the fluffy white yarn details! The beard is made from felted wool. You could also use cotton wool or crochet your own design beard. Should you have trouble with any part of this pattern, make sure to check out the “making of this Santa”-video posted below (Spanish). Happy crocheting!

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