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In our image-obsessed society, I understand the temptation to at least try some of the weird beauty hacks I hear about, whether those “tips” come from self-proclaimed beauty gurus on Instagram, glossy magazines, or your mom’s friend Diane who swears it works. I’ve wasted an embarrassing amount of money accidentally clogging my pores with coconut oil. But after perusing Reddit, it looks like I’ve been spared in terms of beauty hacks that truly yield not-so-beautiful results.

I compiled the best of the worst beauty hacks, according to these Reddit users (who are all beautiful on the inside, I’m sure). Although this should go without saying, please let me be clear: We endorse none of these hacks in any way. Quite the opposite, actually.

Beauty fades; hopefully, so too will the effects of a DIY turmeric face mask.

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