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It’s grilling season, and I—along with my fellow BBQ Dads (a genderless title)—are ready to grill for you. Gathering people to the yard so they may gaze upon expertly smoked meats is our favorite past time and, though we aren’t in it for the host gifts (we’re in it for the glory), it’s still a nice move to show up to the cookout with a token of appreciation.

These things don’t have to be capital-G gifts. BBQ Dads appreciate a wide variety of offerings, from a humble roll of paper towels to something a little fancier, like a thermometer.

I’ve only been grilling “seriously” for a little over a year, so I took to Twitter to see if any of my fellow charcoal and/or propane enthusiasts had any suggestions for cookout hosting gifts. They sure did. You can check out the whole thread here, but I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up a few of my favorite suggestions.

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