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The true gift of White Elephant is the element of surprise. It’s the promise of possibility, the anticipation of your gift recipient’s shock and awe upon opening your carefully curated gag gift. For those of us who like to toe the line of what makes an “appropriate” gift, White Elephant is our time to shine.

When it comes to the art of gag gifts, your goal is to find items that are quirky and raunchy, but without making people uncomfortable. And so, while the following gifts will most definitely not be the most coveted item at your White Elephant party, they’ll be sure to get the most fun reactions. Each item was selected for its price point (all around or under $30) and their potential to bring a smile-slash-grimace to someone’s face.

(Quick disclaimer: If your gift exchange is amongst family and coworkers rather than longtime friends, make sure you trust your ability to read the room. A gag gift is not worth making people genuinely uncomfortable.)

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