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Let’s face it, even the refreshed Apple TV remote isn’t the best for typing passwords on the device. And while some people will use their iPhones to type text on the Apple TV, that’s not an option for everybody. A cheap Bluetooth keyboard makes a world of a difference here, and if you find a multi-device keyboard, you could pair it with all of your most-used devices at once.

When you’re ready to pair, go to Settings > Bluetooth and get the job done.

On a related note, Apple Arcade has a lot of excellent games that don’t support Apple TV’s remote. You’ll have to use third-party controllers like the Xbox Series X controller or Sony’s DualSense, among others. You can pair these to the Apple TV via Bluetooth settings, and the best thing is that these controllers can control your Apple TV as well. You can switch between apps, play and pause videos, and do other things using video game controllers with the Apple TV.

Similarly, you should consider pairing AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones to use the streaming device without disturbing other people in your house.

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