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If you’ve ever tried watching videos on Safari, you know it can be frustrating. Some of the world’s biggest video platforms (we’re looking at you, YouTube), just don’t offer a great experience on the browser. But there are some extensions that can help.

If you want to enable picture-in-picture (PiP) mode on YouTube or other video sites in Safari, you can use PiPfier. which is free. Play the video in Safari, hit the aA button in the tab bar, and tap PiPfier, and it’ll pop out of the browser into a floating video player.

Alternatively, you can try Vidimote ($4.99) for PiP and other useful tweaks, such as the ability to speed up or slow down video playback speed, watch any video in full-screen, and add a mute button for every video you play.

Oh, and if you want to dim the area outside the video playing on your screen, check out Turn Off The Lights, which is also free.

And since no YouTube extension list is complete without an adblocker, for Safari on iPhone and iPad there’s 1Blocker, which has a new script-blocking ruleset that gets rid of ads on the Google-owned website. This feature may eventually break because YouTube may change something on its end to circumvent the blocker, but that’s a cat-and-mouse game that adblocker users are all too familiar with.

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