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Caiden was found and hauled aboard by Sheriff’s Officers.A 10-year-old Siberian Husky was rescued from Raritan Bay in the US after he swam almost 1.5 mile off the coast of New Jersey, according to an update shared by Monmouth County Sheriff’s office on Facebook. The dog was found on Monday and a marine unit brought it out safely, the police further said.They further said that the dog’s name is Caiden, and he was observed in distress. Caiden was found and hauled aboard by Sheriff’s Officers, who navigated shallow seas to reunite him with his owner.Apart from being tired from the marine adventure, the dog did not appear to be injured, according to CNBC.There are several animal rescue videos widely circulated on social media. A recent viral video showed the rescue of a leopard to draw attention to the issue of open wells around animal habitats.The short clip showed the leopard being lifted from inside the well and leaving the place as soon as he was pulled out.The video was shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda on Twitter.A video went viral in May this year that showed a man skipping wedding celebrations to rescue a stray dog clinging to the side of an overflowing river.In the video, the canine was seen standing on his legs on what appears to be a concrete base along an overflowing stream. Seconds into the clip, a man wearing a formal two-piece suit was seen walking toward the riverside and rescuing the pooch. Another man was also seen joining hands in the mission.The video was shared on Reddit by Human Being Bros.

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