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The video shows the young doctor crying as she gently takes the baby into her arms.Howrah (West Bengal): A doctor in West Bengal’s Howrah district broke down as she took her baby into her arms for the first time ever, after battling COVID-19 in a hospital for several days. A video of the interaction that inspires hope amid the pandemic-induced gloom has gone viral.Dr Arfa Sajadin, 25, was 37-weeks pregnant when she tested positive for the virus. Sensing danger to her unborn baby, doctors conducted a Caesarean section delivery. However, three days after the delivery, Dr Sajadin’s condition worsened.As her oxygen levels dropped drastically, she was put on ventilator support. Encouraged by her fellow doctors who showed the infant to her regularly on video call, Dr Sajadin fought on. After 10 days of intense fight against the deadly disease, she emerged victorious.The video shows the young doctor crying as she gently takes the baby into her arms. Her family members can be heard profusely thanking the doctors who saved her life against all odds.Dr Sajadin’s story represents the struggles of doctors and other healthcare workers amid the pandemic. Many of these Covid warriors have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.The Indian Medical Association says over 640 doctors have died during the ongoing second wave that has been killing hundreds of Covid patients every day since it struck the country.

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