The Guwahati High Court has sanctioned divorce to a man based on the grounds that a woman’s refusal to wear sindoor and shakha bangles is an indication that she does not wish or intend to be a part of the marriage. 

Source: National Herald

Making such a regressive statement and blatantly assassinating the character of the woman, according to reports, the High Court further said that:

Compelling the husband to stay married to a woman under such circumstances would be construed as harassment inflicted upon him and his family. 

Source: Sigeeka

Chief Justice Ajai Lamba and Justice Soumitra Saikia came to this conclusion while hearing a matrimonial plea filed by the husband that challenged a family court order that rejected his claim for a divorce. 


In their judgment, the bench further claimed that under the traditions, rituals and customs of Hinduism, a married woman’s refusal to wear sindoor means that she’s either unmarried or refuses to accept her relations with her husband. The judgement further ruled: 

Such a categorical stand of the respondent [the wife] points to the clear intention that she is unwilling to continue her conjugal life with the appellant the husband. 

Source: Indian Express

According to reports, the woman had lodged a police complaint against her husband and his family members, accusing them of torturing her. However, the allegations subjecting her to cruelty were not sustained. The bench further added:   

Such acts of lodging criminal cases on unsubstantiated allegations against the husband and/or the husband”s family members amounts to cruelty as held by the Supreme Court.