Why now is the time to learn Data Science?

Why now and why Data Science?

With the extended lockdown period, we are having more time than before. As the economy crashed many people have already lost their jobs and many more are vulnerable because of this Covid-19 pandemic. We are allowed to work from home but with no idea left to do what. Layoffs have been dramatically increased. Many who haven’t lost are working online but with the fear in the mind of getting fired because in time like these jobs become more like a game “Survival of the fittest”, Which means if you are average, chances are getting you laid off. At this times upskilling becomes a necessity and no longer a luxury.

With increasing datasets, people are able to solve more complex problems. There is a lot of growth in data science. In the coming years, it’s growing more likely to be exponential. There is a lack of supply for data scientists whereas the demand is very high in all the industries. Still, one of the hottest jobs to work into.

We do have our internet connection which most of the time we are spending on watching Netflix. I won’t say to quit watching but will love to suggest to set some free time aside for learning something new and relevant. Having data skills will add more value to your resume and might help to land a better job or to kickstart a new career.

To make this article more sense to you I would like to take a use case of how Netflix is using data science to extract meaningful insights. We watch what we like and our likes and tastes are greatly taken care of. Netflix uses this data to use for you, In other words, they keep launching or suggesting new shows preferably of your tastes. Like this, they collect a lot of data from millions of customers to serve the best. They understood the fact that in order to succeed they need to keep their customers happy and satisfied in this fast-paced tech world and for that they need to collect data. This is just one example to make you understand why data is important and why should you care.

From business, accounting, real estate, stock market analysis, logistics, healthcare industry to cybercrime fraud detection,data is shaping all of the industries growth and making business grow 10X faster. Diversity of work domain makes this field more interesting and intellectually challenging . This is the field where you get to read the research paper in the morning, writing the algorithm afternoon and coding in the evening .

Learning Data Science doesn’t need to be rocket science, it is easier than what it seems. First, you need to clear all of your data science fundamentals like learning how to code and then learning high school algebra to make yourself understand the algorithms working behind the scene and then learning statistical methods like linear regression. Learning data science doesn’t need to be costly either. You can learn all of this stuff for free. Use the internet wisely and you will be able to access anything you want. Learning a new skill takes dedication and hard work but the rewards are worth everything. Last but not least build projects to test your data science knowledge.

I hope this quarantine turns you into a better individual than before. Stay safe. Stay home.

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