As we all know that Antarctica is completely covered with a very thick layer of ice. However, what we don’t know that conditions are changing dramatically over there. Now, what are the reasons behind this change? Let’s find out?

Microscopic Algae

Scientists have made a report that says that microscopic algae are growing on all the areas where ice is melting and that algae are creating a greenish layer on the surface. There are some places where they have grown in a very large mass that can be seen even from space. An article published in The Guardian newspaper supports the claim.

Geographically, the ice-free ground covers only 0.18% of the complete continent of Antarctica, however, the Antarctic Peninsula that is the most vegetated region of the continent covers only 1.34%. Now our problem is that scientists have said that it will keep expanding its growth because global warming is also increasing thus providing it a suitable condition to grow on.

In earlier times, they were only present near the islands which are on the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. They used to grow in the summertime of the Antarctic that is from November to February also known as “Austral Summer”. They also used to grow on the feces of marine birds and mammals due to humidity in that substance.

How much area is covered?

The research has identified that the algae have covered the area of 1.9 sqm. Almost two-thirds of the green algal blooms were found on the islands that were small and low-lying around the peninsula because that is supposed to have a warmer temperature than the higher ones. In the future, it is expected that it will cover the area of more than 3 sqm.

Moss Growth

Moss is a small and flowerless plant that creates a bulk or a layer in a damp or shady place. Generally, they grew in a very slow manner. 50 years ago, they used to grow at a rate of 1 millimeter per year but now their growth rate has been accelerated. They are now growing at a rate of 3 millimeters per year. More and more photosynthesis is taking place in the peninsula that is also helping in the rise of temperature. Their increasing growth rate is a big issue for us, as scientists have observed that the growth rate can become exponential in the upcoming years. To stop this phenomenon, we have to solve the issue of rising temperatures.

Rising Global Temperature

As the ice of Antarctica is melting due to Global Warming, more water is getting available there to help the moss growth. Remember, they won’t be able to grow on ice if the surface does not have any water or moist condition on it. The Peninsula was already facing this issue of temperature from the last 50 years, but now the dramatic changes are taking place due to an increased growth rate of the vegetation.

We need to give this issue regular attention, as the level of water is rising every day and according to some scientists, in future lands on low heights will sink and the complete area will be submerged in water. Remember, we are doing this damage to our self and sooner or later we are going to suffer. 

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