Why India helped Bangladesh during the Liberation War of 1971?

Many of us know that India helped to be formed in Bangladesh, an independent nation from East Pakistan. But it is still debated that India could have taken Bangladesh to its territory in 1971 rather than helping for its independence. Instead, India helped Bangladesh and supported by giving military power and also endorsed by providing everything in need of the refugees of Bangladeshi people during the war.

After 1947, the end of the rule of the British empire in the Indian colony, two nations created by the British, named India and Pakistan, by the only thought of religion value. But there were so many issues to be considered such as culture, language, habit, etc. As a result, Bangladesh became a territory of Pakistan as most of the people were Muslims in Bangladesh and were named East Pakistan. But both the nation had differences between them, such as they speak different languages.

Well, no country usually likes the idea of controlling by another country. The same goes for Bangladesh as well. But many people questioned why India helped Bangladesh rather than ruling it. Many reasons came out. Many writers have shared the thought about this.

Bangladesh had been through traumatic times during the Pakistan period from 1947 to 1971. They neglected Bangladesh in every sector, considering they were the weakest. Pakistan didn’t want to give any political power to the Bangladeshi people. Even their differences in many things made Bangladesh go for thinking to be an independent nation. India helped throughout the war and fully supported Bangladesh to be an independent nation.

The first reason would be that India was not in a friendly condition with Pakistan. They had a different perspective on their nation. Even they were not happy with the partition by the British. Even today, they claim the same territory as their territory, such as Kashmir.

The second reason would be that India thought about the future. India wanted to make friendship with neighboring countries, and Bangladesh could be a great friend, and in the present time, Bangladesh is proving it. And also, India wanted to expand its business which was only possible if they maintain a good relationship with neighboring countries.

Third reason would be that, at that time Bangladesh was not in good condition. They had to go through many difficulties such as climate changes, poverty etc. So, if India had taken over Bangladesh as India’s territory, it would become a burden for India as India was not so rich at that time and also, India wanted to become the next super-power nation which is true at this time. They have actually become a super-power nation by developing in every sector. 

The fourth reason would be that India always respects the feelings of Bangladeshi people. Their popular leader, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was jailed for almost a decade who was the creator of the nation and always thought about an independent nation. And it’s mandatory for India to choose the right side. And India had chosen the right path by helping Bangladesh.

Even today, India and Bangladesh share a pretty good bond between them. They make every decision by discussing it among them. India and Bangladesh both are helping each other now. India helped Bangladesh to form and Bangladesh will never forget it.  

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