Education is much more important than other instruments, machinery, medicines and even language. Without education, man would still have been living an uncivilized life. Education spreads the ray of knowledge and thus helps man travel through the way of development. In the ancient ages, man used to be directed by instinct like the animals. By developing the instincts, education makes man modified, noble, gentle, and provides good taste. As a result, man became able to develop from animals to humans and to establish themselves as the best among all animals.

           The concept of education is a complex one. Education may be termed as the reconstruction and modification of experiences as a result of its actions and reactions with different environments. The man born by the law of nature. Being educated after birth is great to work. Only through education, man becomes able to develop knowledge and intelligence and to apply them inappropriate time and place as needed. Education helps a man in developing new thoughts and ideas and in searching a new way of life. It enables human beings to develop knowledge and intelligence and thus to judge good or evil. Through education, one generation preserves the knowledge and experience they gather through life to the next generation. Thus, education may be termed as a necessary ingredient of human life.

               The old social system was simple and easy. The senior people taught the necessary aspects of life orally to their next generation. But, with the changing course time, society also developed in various aspects. As a result, the oral education system became difficult. With the increasing difficulties in the social system, cultural heritage also became widespread and difficult. On the consequence of such difficulties, in order to know the knowledge, science, literature, and many other new contributions, educational institutions came into existence.

                Time is dynamic. Society is also dynamic. Again, a dynamic society is also very fast-changing. With the changing time, the objectives, subject matter, and method of teaching of education are also changing.           

Nowadays, the scope of education is very wide. Therefore, education imparted in educational institutions fails to convey the real meaning of education. On the other hand, apart from the educational institutions, a student can learn by observing and following cultures and rituals, rules and regulations, behavior, and other essential things for livelihood from social and cultural organizations. Such experience acquired through nonformal institutions may also be termed as education.

                 It is not easy to explain the real meaning of education. Since the early ages, different educationists have given different explanations and definitions regarding education at various times. Education is closely related to man’s philosophy regarding life. As the view of life is different among different people, the aim in life also differs. Man’s philosophy of life and the effect of ages influence the aim and meaning of education.

                 In ancient India, the system of education exists from the Vedic Ages. At that time, the meaning of education was to identify the soul (ATMA) by dominating the six evil passions of the mind. Education of ancient India aimed at acquiring the eternity of the soul.

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