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There are 5 main effects of eating late at night, as mentioned below:

Disruption of sleep: People who eat late generally tend to sleep late. This results in a disturbed sleep cycle. Also, this could be the reason behind confusing dreams at night.

Poor digestion: When you eat a late night dinner, it leads to several gastric issues. This is because the food does not digests properly and results in excessive acid secretion in stomach.

Weight Gain: Your body’s metabolism slows down during night time. Also, it is not as effective in burning calories as it is during the day time. Thus, eating late leads to weight gain.

Effect on mental health: When you haven’t slept properly, you wake up feeling irritated and moody. Because of eating late, you mess with your body’s body clock. This results in higher chances of depression and anxiety.

Increase in blood pressure: Eating and sleeping late at night could also lead to hypertension and diabetes.

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