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The finger is a limb of the Human Body. Usually, we have a set of five fingers on each hand. It is the organ for manipulation and sensations. It is found in our hands and by the time became one of the most valuable and necessary parts of the Human Body. Today if we Imagine our lives without fingers would be like a nightmare.

So, without wasting much of our time, let’s jump into our today’s topic.

Reason for the presence of fingers :

Scientists have several ideas regarding why humans have specific five fingers rather like 6 or 7. One theory suggests four fingers and a thumb on each hand are the perfect number and have the length to grip objects quite firmly. 

(Another study suggests that we can grab most of the things with Thumb and the index finger, with other fingers in spare )

The process of evolution determined the most beneficial numbers of fingers and toes for our Survival. Forex. After all, Pandas have thumblike digits to help them grasp bamboo shoots, while some birds have quadruple ( consisting of four )

fingers for perching ( of a bird )and tucked away during the flight. Hence, from this, we understand that evolution is significant for being beneficial to classes of a particular type. Charles Darwins’s theory of Survival of the fittest is also based on the cycle of growth. According to this law, the fittest and desirable would be able to survive in any harsh environment.

Occasionally, babies are born with extra fingers and toes (a condition knew s polydactyly ), but those additional digits have never offered enough of an edge to survive to later generations. In other words, evolution determined that five fingers per hand are just right for humans. 


SO, as per our gained knowledge, we have finally found a solid and a scientific reason for today’s topic over Why we have ten fingers?

We have fingers due to evolution, which made us compatible with ten fingers. Fingers are the Basic and one of the most vital organs in the human body.

Bonus Point :

Reason for having Thumb?

Having no thumbs would make all thumbs, plumbing ( to touch or to handle ) tie your shoes or assemble any other stuff in our daily use. We also use our Thumb for playing games while using our smartphones and gadgets. We inherited a fully opposable ( capable of facing or touching ) Thumb named for its ability to close tip and tip against our other fingers, from our primitive ancestors around two million years ago. These ancient relatives needed handier hands to help get a grip on simple tools. So give a grip on simple machines. So always be thankful to God who has given us the ultimate power to use our thumbs, and enable us to play games and text messages.

So, finally, we have finished the discussion we can learn why we, i.e., humans, have ten fingers and how evolution has helped species survive

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