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Abhishek Kumar, better known Online as Firky Dost or just Firky, is an Indian YouTube Creator who makes Roast, Rants, and Reaction videos on his YouTube Channel of the same name.

He had also started streaming PUBG MOBILE live on Facebook Gaming as Firky Gamer.


More Information

He is from Bihar, and he is a very Decent boy, Je os always trying to be popular but when no one knows.

He had started his YouTube career since 2015, and now over four years, but he hadn’t popular yet so guys, please help him to get more followers or subscribe him now from here:-


Personal Life

He is from a small city Patna. And he is so proud of Indian. Is it a crime to be successful on YouTube, but when no one knows.

He is so techy since his childhood. 

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stars are the best way to support my stream click the sun at the bottom of your screen in the flow.

Thank you all, my supporter.

Thank you so much for coming and checking my stream. Says Firky Dost


Mene criticize ki for being carryminati clone through both channels seem to take influence from YouTuber or other communication in similar fashion 

Why Firky Dost

Before coming with the name Firky Dost, I would like to say that he also published meaning taki videos technical channel. Still, here even no public engagement or luxurious hair so so he got parmesan and close everything. Firky word comes from firki, which means Kisi ki Lena len dost means dost.

So the conclusion is that firkydost is a new channel to go further and follow him.


stories that have moral and message behind the name are always compelling it’s a crazy just compelling at 200 words story can be our last article of so sorry become so popular that we decide to create another list in which every story has a simple moral behind it some of the stories has best.

The 10 Best SHORT Moral Stories

some of the stories were very short and basic. Some are source basic they are most likely featured in children’s books somewhere; however, the center of the message remains the same here are some of the best short stories.

An Old Man Lived

an older man lived in the village he was one of the most unfortunate people in the world the whole community was tired of him he was always gloomy he constantly complained and was still in a bad mood.

Willunga lived wilder he was becoming, and the more poisonous were his words, people avoided him because his Miss fortune became contagious; it was even a natural and inserted into happy next to him.

Recreated feeling of unhappiness in the others, but one day, when he turned 80 years old, and incredible things happened instantly, everyone started hearing the room and the older man is happy today he doesn’t complain about anything smiles when his face is freshened up.

The Wise Man

people are having to come to voice man complaining about the problem of the name every time one day he told them a joke and everyone Roar in laughter after a couple of minutes he told them the same fun and only a few them smiled when he said the same trick for 3rd time…..

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