How did Hitler come into power?

The situations that emerge after the end of the first world war brought Hitler to power in Germany and Mussolini to power in Italy. Hitler became the chancellor of Germany and after the death of President Hindenburg, he became the dictator.

Hitler became Fuhrer. By the time Hitler became powerful, communists and the socialists had become more powerful.   

How did Hitler suppress all of them?

Hitler took the help of German industrialists and suppressed the socialists and communists.’  He banned workers’ unions and political parties. he declared that the nazi party as the only party of Germany.

How he installed fear among the peoples?

He installed fear of Jewish people among Germans by spreading false rumors that they are going to dominate the world. He put forward the supremacy of German race theory and nurtured ultra Nationalism carefully. Hitler utilized Nazism to inculcate these values among the Germans.

what did Nazism advocate?

Hitler used Nazism. Nazism advocated that Germans are the superior race of the world and they are only fit to rule the world. 

How did hliter create haterade?

He said Jews are the reason for all the problems of Germans. Apart from that Jews, communists, socialists, and Catholics are also the reason for the problems of Germany. He declares they are unfit to live. All of these were implemented inhumanly. A minister named ‘Gobbels’ was appointed to spread the theory of Nazism. A crucial army named ‘Brown sharts’ was formed for this purpose. they were trained to create violence so the people became confused and accepted their ideology.

The Holocaust was done by Hitler     

The mass killing done by Hitler to implement his theory is notorious in human history. according to one estimate, six million Jews were killed and one million others were also killed. this mass killing is called as Holocausts. In 1935, Hitler implemented the ‘Nuremberg Laws’. He imprisoned Jews in concentration camps and he pushed people to gas chambers to kill them. In the Concentration camps, peoples were subjected to Harsh work conditions and were starved to death. many were shot dead in the mass firings. he created a special force to kill people irrespective of their age and sex. He utilized the entire government machinery to kill peoples. Hitler wanted to rule the entire world to prove the Aryan Race supremacy. This resulted in the Second world war. finally, Hitler’s racial hatred ended with his death. Hitler committed suicide in 1945 


The Fascist party of Mussolini grew in Italy as a regressive political party due to various combinations like the impact of the world war and the emergence of the social movement in Europe. ultra nationalism idea of destroying the other national forces, patronizing violence, racial superiority expansion of national boundaries of support of human executions are the features of racism

Mussolini was the prime minister of Italy from 1922 to 1943 and was the founder of the National Fascist Party. in 1925, dismissed the democracy of Italy legally, and became the dictator of Italy. he destroyed all the political opponents by using secret police services. he banished all worker’s agitation. he established a one-party dictatorship. he joined Hiliter in causing second world war and was responsible for the death of thousands of people. he was assassinated in 1945.

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