What is true love and the 10 main identities of true love

1. Friends, I am narrating my life experience. When someone is genuinely in love, there are many changes, such as the one who has true love always talks lovingly to everyone and wins his heart by his behavior, and others treat him the same way. He can see you only in you; your right partner can you one who loves your reality. Or someone who wants to see an image in you and does not change any time.

2.He who has true love a different glow in his face. He never thinks negatively. Different confidence comes in his, and there is always a person to do something if your partner wants all the time to keep his words and expect agreement only with you then that is not true love.

3. The one genuinely in love, not only his lover but also plays every relationship with respect. You have full faith in your love, and you have no fear of losing it because you believe that it will always be with you. If your partner does not insist on sex at all times, if it is, then it is not true love, it is physical attraction. If it is, then it is not true love.

4. True love, which happens In every way, is a beautiful person, whether by face or by his behavior, he becomes a lovely person. He needs your support. Your partner is also loyal like you and is not attracted to others; if it is, then it is no true love.

5. If there is a feeling of selfishness behind a relationship or merely physical attraction, it is not true love. Such a link does not last long. There are many such occasion s in your life when you get stuck in your strange condition; you are going to stand with you in such a situation, then he truly loves you.

6. True love can leave anything in the world to live and live with you. When you listen to your favorite song, remember your passion; it seems that song has been made for you. If your partner’s love is right is not expressing it, then he will not have any problem with confessing it in front of the world or his family. If your partner does not have any question, then it is not true love.7

. Even when you are Alon, there are many people around you, and despite all the things, only that power remains in your memories. Even promise of the person who will genuinely love you, the wire will be connected for you, only for you.

8. He will love you more than everything in his life; you will be the most special person in his life. A real loving person can change everything in his life for you but can never replace you with his life.

9. You do not like to go anywhere without your lover. If you go somewhere, then you think that I wish he would also be with me. After meeting him, you do everything in the spirit of us because you do not consider yourself alone.

10. The person who has been in true love until the time he is in love with someone is the best time of his whole life. He never forgets her time in his life. 


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