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In this writing, I will try to tell everyone what the truth is. I have seen a lot of news in the news media; everyone is doing a story for someone. Some say it is India’s fault, and some say it is China’s fault. Events are not just about the present. In 1972, China launched a surprise attack on India, and India lost the war. Occasionally there was already tension on the Sino-Indian border. But recently, China claims parts of Ladakh as theirs. Even a few days ago, a Chinese minister visited India and promised to maintain friendly relations. On the night of his return, Chinese troops pelted 25 people with stones. This means that China is doing the planning.

Moreover, China has opened military bases on the Ladakh border and stockpiled many warplanes. Not just aircraft, they are storing all the weapons to defeat India in the war, starting with the atomic bomb on the Ladakh border. India is getting ready for this, and they are also preparing to stop China very well. However, China is ahead in terms of energy, but India is no less. And if war breaks out, there will be a great danger in the world, so everyone wants to keep India fresh from the very beginning.

The big reason for this problem  

Another big reason is that India is building paved roads along the Line of Control (LoC) near the Ladakh border, which, if completed, would increase India’s power several times over. And China doesn’t want it. China is well aware that if India builds roads, India’s power will increase several times, and China’s influence will decrease, so China is creating a bad situation as if the road works have to be stopped anyway. Moreover, China has been plotting to annihilate India for a long time. The reason is that China has lent large sums of money to India’s neighbors. Even if all the neighboring countries do not help China, Pakistan will directly cooperate with China because Pakistan’s friendship with India is long ago. Many internal problems of their two countries can be noticed after a few days of entering India and firing on the people of India.

The Indian government has already allowed its troops to do anything at any time. India has made the right decision in this direction. India will never attack China again unless it does. But China seems to be preparing for war. Now let’s see what happens.

On the one hand, the world is at a standstill, so if there is a war over it, the world will go to ruin. There is a lot of damage due to all the closures. If there is a war between them, there will be nothing in the world. So we want China and India to come up with a solution soon. I will come to my next article soon.

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