The life span of 70 to 80 years is too short in an overall scenario to lose any second wastefully and so important is to cherish each second that can be memorable for others to come.

Sooner acknowledging a marvelous world that resides within us enables the external world, which is easily attracted otherwise and leads to delusions or misery undetected until it is too late.

To keep in pace with the changing time and to be aligned in self the most important thing to remember is a few tips for,

1. Following a disciplined daily schedule.

2. Inculcate the habit of eating healthy food with time and age what the body needs.

3. Taming the mind and falling prey on every count.

4. Spending some time alone in a designated part of the day for meditation/ Dhyan/ concentration, which is to connect the inner world.

5. Lead a value-based life always for a larger purpose.

By practicing this way, one may demonstrate that many can walk the right path that could fulfill the divine purpose and the essential duty of the highest class.

I think the most important thing that we need to remember in every step of our life is to value and cherish it and to love ourselves more than we unlove ourselves for our flaws. Internal happiness is the sole demand of our life, and it might only come when we stop taking the pretty shitty things…

Important things to remember in life.

1. All Humans are selfish.

2. Love is nothing but a human-created illusion to make ourselves believe “there is One person for Everyone.”

3. Never show your weakness to anyone.

4. Friendship works because it is conditional unlike unconditional love

5. Don’t trust people until there is something healthy to believe then.

6. Don’t expect life to be fair.

7. If you have a feeling for someone to tell them asap, the more you wait, the more the soul grows.

8. Nobody cares if you are the right person, so be an asshole sometimes and let them judge you.

9. Don’t give opinions to people who ask for it agree with them.

10. Always think twice before saying Yes or No questions. If you feel like changing, don’t hesitate.

11. There will always be some person who was going to hate you, so let them be.

12. Love yourself.

13. The sooner you understand these things, the happier you become.

For me, the essential thing in my life that I remember is that I am loved. My whole life long, I was loved. Many times I felt overlooked. I felt my offerings were despised. But honestly, I have had a few people who loved me like I am. They didn’t care if I was fat or thin, beautiful, or ugly smart or dumb. They love me like I am. I still forget now, and then I am loved. Most days, that is the number one thing on my gratitude list. I am loved, and I have people and creatures I love.

Very important if someone tells you that I make you productive very soon. Tell him that first you get rich fast and Do not invest any money with these peoples. A human is never precious, which hardworking.

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