Love is a very scared word which means a lot in reality. 🥰This four-letter word makes people to another person. 😻As there is very much type of love, it may be between girl and boy as usually you know but also between animals, plants and humans but the Purest form of love that has ever been seen is between a mother and her child and between mother and father. 🤗

Have you known why?🤔🤔

I want to tell you as we all know that according to Hinduism religion the goddess name comes before the name of God as for exam example Radha- Krishna, Gauri -Shankar Sita-Ram, as I am belong to Hinduism I am not having knowledge about other religion, therefore, I am just giving this example to you, in Hinduism, the women and girls considered the form of the goddess (Lakshmi )and give them to import into the relationship of life so their name comes before the men’s. As in the case of mother- her child and mother -father.👍👌

When you look at our history, true lovers names Alpha examples Laila -Majnu😲, Heer -Ranjha😻 the girl name comes before the name of boy.😘😋🤩🥰

Do you know what is true love?🤔🤨🥰

The real meaning of love is just can be defined in two words, selfless devotion towards your partner. This just two word means really a lot, as in the case of above example which I have given to you, in this example both the lovers have selfless devotion towards their partner but in now days I don’t think it will be possible except some great relations which are made by God for the birth of human  ie.mother-father-and child 😘

Condition of love nowadays🤓🤣

The true love are present like a moon in between the stars with the whole world look for it nowadays people means only to make physical relations is known as love so in the circumstances the very very very scared word love is being disappearing. The boys of nowadays easily used to say that they love a girl or a girl used to say a that she love boy . Is it true? 🤔What do you think about it?🤨To whom do u truly love?😘

I know most of you will say by heart, that you can only  love your mother or husband ,wife or father , just because they love you truly means selflessly.😲😢

So love is very powerful as in the case of love of mother and her child, when she feels too miss her child there is kind of attachment like unknown and very strange feeling which come from the heart of child make it realise that her mother is missing or want to be close to him or her. Sentence means a lot, it proves that love is very powerful full stop if you have noticed that sometimes when you see a stranger you feels that there may be some kind of connection between him or her and you this feeling comes from your heart because you are not having any kind of selfless towards him or her means you are having a kind of love towards him which make you too close towards him or her.👌👍🥰😻

There are many views upon the love tell me about your views about love in the comment section👍


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