What is The Hoopoes Birds?

Hoopoe gains bird status.


A seminar was organized to select the species of Hooper bird after the counting of votes for the election began. The Hope bird won by a considerable margin of votes. This activity took place in 2006. It is also known that the bird became a national symbol by winning over the bulbuls, water, and finch. It is the national bird of Israel.


Hoopoe is the messenger in history.


It is known from history that this Hooper bird was the messenger of Prophet Solomon (AS)(peace be upon him). The bird did what it commanded him to do. Allah gave Solomon (AS) some specialized knowledge and characteristics. For which all the animals and birds could understand him.

The Hoopoe bird acted as the primary messenger for three months when Solomon (P BUH) organized a luncheon for all human beings and animals. This is what Attar, a Persian poet from Nishapur, described in his 1177 epic “The Conference of the Birds” as the intelligent bird of the world. It is not for the appearance and the brain of this beautiful bird that it has received so much praise for its efficiency and prudence.


Introduction to Hoopoe birds.


Hoopoe birds are found in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Colorful birds fly independently of their feathers and are known for their beautiful crowns.

These are of four species. Three species are still alive, and one species is endangered. The scientific name of this bird was -upupidae, and the word Hoopoe is a Persian word, Which means crested.


Roaming and habitat.


Hoopoe birds have spread to Europe, Asia, North Africa, and North Sub-Saharan Africa. In winter, most of them migrate to the tropics of Europe and North Asia and live in shrubs, thorns, and Riverside forests. In the late 1980s, their populations in Northern Europe were reported to be declining. Probably due to climate change.


African Hoopoe.


Some parts of the African Hoopoe continue to live like nomads. African Hoopoe knows best how to defend themselves by lying flat on the ground, spreading their tails and wings, and pointing their trunks straight up when attacked by predators. And can climb much higher to survive from its predators.


Characteristics of Hoopoe birds.


A medium-sized Hooper bird 25-32 cm long, 44-48 cm wide with wingspan and weighs about 46–89 g. They have strong muscles on their heads and full and round wings and black and white ribbons on their tails. Hoopoe birds can fly like giant butterflies.


Diet and food ingredients.


Their food is made up of insects, although small reptiles, frogs, and plant substances such as seeds are taken. Also in their diet are locusts, beetles, earwigs, cicadas, ant lions, bugs, and ants.


Reproduction of Hoopoe birds.


A female Hoopoe lays about 7-8 eggs a year, which turns blue-green and quickly turns brown. The Hooper stores eggs for 18-19 days. And from the egg. The chick is born. The puppies are complete, naked, and blind. The girls are fed by the male main Hoopoe bird and later by both parents. Puppies grow in about 28-30 days.


The behavior of birds.


The Hoopoe has a bright orange crest above the bird’s head and flies over its striped wings. With its thin, beak, it can easily injure any insect. They double as weapons, and the males become bloodthirsty and engage in the most brutal of regional conflicts, sometimes blinding one side to the other, just as some species of hummingbirds are known.


Intelligent and beautiful Hoopoe.


The intelligent and beautiful Hoopoe could not help but command respect. Researchers at Iran’s Isfahan University had indicated in a recent study that “when the Hoopoe came home,” it raised the status of the Hoopoe bird much higher.

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