What is Rohingya problem in Bangladesh


The Rhinga problem is a big problem for Bangladesh. As such, Bangladesh is a small country and the population is much poorer. About 2 million Rhingas have entered Bangladesh among the poor countries of Bangladesh. The Myanmar government has tortured them a lot. At the behest of the Myanmar government, the army tortured the Rohingyas. And forced them to flee their homeland and come to Bangladesh. And not really killing people like birds for a long time. Myanmar’s Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi has won a Nobel Peace Prize, but her government has ordered all Rohingya to flee the Rakhine state. When the government of their own country started inhumanely torturing the Rohingyas and there was a celebration of burning down the houses of all the Rohingyas who had killed millions of Rohingyas, there was no one besides the Rohingyas. They were going door to door in different countries but no country allowed them to enter any country at the same time the Ambassador of Humanity gave place to the daughter of the Mujib Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sekh Hasina. Not just the place. The government of Bangladesh is carrying the responsibility of everything for the Rohingyas by the order of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh and has set up a few permanent camps for the Rohingyas to live in and all the needs of the Rohingyas are met from food.

It will be possible to solve the Rohingya problem if diplomacy and international pressure can be applied to Myanmar.

As Bangladesh is already a poor country, the Rohingya can be a threat to Bangladesh. Therefore, apply diplomatic pressure on the Myanmar government as soon as possible and force the international community to repatriate the Rohingya. The only international pressure is to send Rhinga back to their country. Bangladesh’s economy is in recession and the country’s population is large. The government is struggling to meet the needs of the people of Bangladesh. However, the government of Bangladesh has done what many other countries have done. The whole world has shown with its fingers what humanity is. And Bangladesh is very generous and the whole world saw it. However, it will not be possible to run like this for a long time because a poor country like Bangladesh where it could not meet the needs of the people of its own country will one day meet the needs of 2 million Rhingas years after year. But there is no way out except to resolve it. Now Myanmar has to be persuaded by any means to send back the Rohingyas. If we do not do that, then the economy of Bangladesh will come down to extreme catastrophe. The Bangladesh government should exert diplomatic pressure on Myanmar. And sending the Rohingyas back to their homeland as soon as possible. If not, China will be a huge problem. Already natural beauty has been ruined due to Rhingas. They are living by planting thousands of trees in Teknaf. Not only that, but they are also bringing smuggled yaba to Bangladesh. Already the people of Bangladesh have been killed and snatched.

All in all, China is a huge problem for Bangladesh, so the Bangladesh government has to solve this problem as soon as possible.

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