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imran islam

Jun 20, 2020, 3:31 PM

Some useful hints for interview:

  1. Appear before the presiding officer full of confidence, vigor, and cheerfulness… Do not be in the demoralized mood if you have not done so well in your Medical tests. Remember, you are now appearing before the senior member of the viva board. If you are able to impress him on the right lines then you have made substantial progress.
  2. The “first impression” is important. You already had a proper hair cut before you came to the VIVA and nails attended too. You must shave properly in the morning. You are appearing for the interview in a formal dress, in this, there is no differentiation in dress between the rich and not so rich. But the dress must be well-fitting and properly tailored. With sloppy, ill-fitting clothes you yourself will feel ill at the case and remain conscious about it all the time. You would have brushed your teeth well in the morning so that you are not afraid to smile for fear of showing you’re stained with. Wipe your face and hair with your handkerchief. Do up your hair as best as you can under the circumstance with the help of the hanky or a small comb. Brighten your feelings an be in readiness to enter the presiding officer’s chamber with poise and confidence. 
  3. In respect of the interviews held in the morning or afternoon, the candidates appear before the presiding officer in formal dress. Then there is no excuse whatever of being untidy. Use the dress you are well accustomed to wearing. It should be well-fitting, clean, properly pressed, and comfortable. If you are not good at tieing a tie then get it done by one of your colleagues who is good at it. Anyway, the tie should not be like a hangman’s loop to suffocate you during the interview. The shoes should be shining and socks properly pulled up and not tom. You are not going to a beauty competition. Do not use perfumes. Do not display wealth. If you have to sue rings for the maintenance of some social binding keep this to the level of one. Do not wear flashy colors. Present yourself as a tidy and smart individual in a business-like manner. 
  4. When permitted to enter by the call of the bell or through any other signal get in with a cheerful expression and with proper dignity. Walk up to the interviewee’s chair at a seven pace. Do not walk in too briskly or slowly. Do not take a zigzag route. Be careful that you do not stumble by hitting your toe over the carpet or any other object. Keep your chest high your head up and your chin in. Do not look down or observe that ceiling fan as you enter. Come to a half in the position of “attention” near the interviewee’s chair. If you are good at drill movements to ensure that your click our heels properly but do not overdo. I wish the presiding officer according to the time of the day. Say “Good morning Sir” up to 11.59 hours and “Good afternoon Sir” from noon onwards. Do not speak these three words too loudly or hoarsely. Do not mumble. Do not speak too fast. Do not take too long to wish. Look straight at your with bright, smiling eyes but you yourself do not laugh. When the presiding officer asks you to sit down do so in a dignified manner after thanking. You must not appear bored, dejected or sad, haughty, timid, confused, or perplexed. 
  5. Your tone is a matter of consequence. You should be careful not to squawk or speak under a feeling of stress or being cornered. Your tone should be pleasing to the listener and it must be amiable.
  6. Prepare well in advance what you are going to say if asked to relate your life history. This question is often asked. Be modest when speaking about your successes. If you had a good education, received distinctions, etc. mention these without ego.
  7. Never get involved in an argument. You cannot win an argument with anyone and certainly not with your interviewer.
  8. Be smart and decisive in your answer. If you don’t know the answer tell sorry sir, I don’t know the answer.
  9. Speak in a clear voice and control your temper and emotions. Don’t smile too much. Smile a little is good.
  10. Be updated with general knowledge and current affairs

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Jun 20, 2020, 3:31 PM

imran islam

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