What attracts you the most in a partner, as per your zodiac sign  | The Times of India

Attraction is one of the key aspects of a relationship. Only when you’re attracted to someone, will you leap for the stars and express your love to your significant other. However, it is extremely difficult to pinpoint the things that drew you towards your partner in the first place. From their charming appearance to their witty sense of humour, anything to everything can be a possibility. With the help of zodiac signs, you can find out a lot about your personality and also what you like or dislike about the people around you. Surely, you have encountered many people in your life and every person may have been different in their own ways, however, there must have been a common or a specific trait that charmed its way into your heart. To help you find out what it was, here are the things that attract you the most in a partner, according to your zodiac sign.

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