Negative thoughts

Whenever we fail at a task or do not succeed in any particular task, our mind is immediately bombarded with negative thoughts, and this becomes somewhat of a habit where we keep having these negative thoughts when things do not go as planned or the way we want it to be.

These negative thoughts, in turn, affect our mental health as well as our physical health and restrict our ability to function in our day to day life and also prevent us from enjoying life. These repetitive thoughts make us doubt ourselves and in our ability to handle many situations.   

This negativity, which we experience regularly becomes tiring and holds us back from enjoying our life to the fullest. So, in this post, I am going to share with you all some of how you can overcome or get rid of these negative thoughts.                                                                   


1. Practicing Meditation

We all know the benefits of meditation and how it calms our body and mind, in the same way meditation helps our mind to get rid of these negative thoughts and guide our mind to focus more on the positive things happening around us. Practicing meditation or simply doing breathing techniques in the morning for 15-20 mins will help us greatly.


2. Engaging in pleasurable activities

Another way in which we can distract our mind from these negative thoughts is to engage ourself in different pleasurable activities. We can take up any activity which gives us happiness and satisfaction. For some reading, a book will calm their mind while for others going out shopping, talking with friends will help them to take their mind off things and eventually will improve our mood.                                                                        

Fun Activities 

3. Focusing on our strengths than our weakness 

It is very easy to always focus on the negativity that is surrounding our life, so when our mind is engaged in those negative thought process, we should always focus on our strengths and not our weaknesses. We should focus on those qualities which we like about ourself and redirecting our mind to those positive qualities will get rid of the negative thoughts.

4. Doing Exercise

Exercise is a great way to keep the body fit as well as the mind sharp. Having a good workout keeps negative thoughts at bay and makes our mind sharp and reenergize our body to deal with any situation or challenges. It will help us to clear our mind from unwanted thoughts and help us to tackle the problem with confidence. Exercise can be simple as going out for a walk or a jog early in the morning..


5. Surrounding oneself with positive people

It is essential that when we are going through a difficult phase in our life to surround ourselves with positive people and get rid of negative company. Communication is the key. We should vent out our frustration or sadness in front of our family members or friends whom we can trust and who will motivate and encourage us to make the right decision without any judgment.                                                                                                                                                                                        

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