An online publisher claims that Madagascar quits the World Health Organization(WHO), and has been offered 20million dollars by the WHO to kill theirCovid-Organics cure.

But WHO said that it is false, Madagascar has neither quit the WHO nor has WHO offered him 20$ million to kill the herbal-covid-organics.

It has been confirmed by WHO country offices in Ghana and more. On internet, the France 24’s interview purposing the source of the claim reveals no such information.

 Madasagar recently made the headline with the introduction and launch of its locally manufactured herbal drink for Covid-19. While everyone is seeking the cure of Covid on the other side cure which has been embraced by some African leaders plus they have been cautioned by the WHO for the reason that it has not yet been scientifically tested.

There are two news revolving in the air of the internet. One is that Madasagar has left the WHO, and another one is WHO offered Madasagar’s President 20$ Million to poison Covid-Cure.


According to the claim, Mr. Rajoelina has announced that his country Madasagar has withdrawn it’s membership of the WHO and advised all other countries of their region to follow this step.

Some sources are saying that interview of the Mr. Rajoeline on France24 is the source of the president’s announcement to quitting the WHO.

But the shocking news is always that WHO offered Madasagar’s President 20$ Million for this kind of action against of humanity.

According to the words of Mr. Rajoeline that WHO offered him 20$ Million to put a little toxin in the cure of Covid-19. He also cautioned that “People be diligent, the World Health Organization that we have joined by thinking that it will help us, is there to kill Africans”. It clearly means that WHO wants to kill humans or they want to lessen the population BUT WHY?

Several other sources that have also claimed this like, the claim of Tanzanian local newspaper, “Tanzania Perspective”. In addition, a Kiswahili-based newspaper “Fahari Yetu” which has also shared this news, also published this claim, with the reference of an interview of France24.

Another source DUBAWA shows an interview of him with France24 where Mr. Rajoeline had purported to have made both claims. In that interview, President of Madasagar addressing the criticism Covid-Cure had received so far. He stated that  it was because the cure was from Madasagar and not from any European country or any other Developed country that such skeptical reactions have been given to the cure. Mr. Rajoeline stated in France24’s interview that, No country or Organization will keep us from going forward.” 

Meanwhile, the WHO office stated in Ghana stated that “The information is not True and Madasagar is also under the list of African countries that the WHO operates in, indicating that the country is still a member of the organization.

The office of WHO stated these in the response to the organization’s alleged 20$ million offers to Madasagar’s president. They also stated that” It is absolutely a fake news, Madasagar is still a member of the board for the past three years now”

Everyone is doing politics in this Pendamic situation, No one is sincere for Humanity.


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