Vitamin A is the name of a group of fat-soluble retinoids, including retinol, retinal, and retinyl esters. Vitamin A is involved in immune function, vision, reproduction, and cellular communication. Two different types of vitamin A are available in the human diet. Such as:

1. Preformed vitamin A: Preformed vitamin A is found in foods from animal sources, including dairy products, fish, and meat (especially liver).

2. Provitamin A carotenoids: The most important provitamin A carotenoid is beta-carotene; another provitamin A carotenoids are alpha-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin.

Vitamins are substances in food that are essential for normal growth and functioning of the body. Totally the vitamins are categorized into 13 groups. Vitamin A is one of them and plays an important role in improving your vision, bone growth, reproduction, and normal functioning of immune systems.

The best sources of vitamin A are:

• Cod liver oil.

• Eggs.

• Fortified breakfast cereals.

• Fortified skim milk.

• Orange and yellow vegetables.

• Other sources of beta-carotene such as broccoli, spinach, and the darkest green, leafy vegetables.

• Apple.

• Watermelon.

• Grape.

• Carrot.

• Pear.

• Fish.

• Apricot etc.

Health Benefits of Vitamin A:

Cataract: Your eyes are delicate and need more protection and extra care. It has been proved that the consumption of more amount of Vitamin A will prevent from developing a cataract.

Pregnancy: Taking Vitamin A is safe during pregnancy as reduce the risk of death by 40% in malnourished women and also prevents diarrheal disease.

Acne: Acne is a long term skin disease that causes spots and pimples on various parts of the body. Vitamin A promotes skin healing by acting as an antioxidant to prevent skin cell damage.

Promotes cell growth: Vitamin A is an effective healing of the skin. It supports external and internal skin cells. It also helps in binding tissues by producing glycoproteins.

Lowers cholesterol: It protects against serious risks stroke and heart disease by lowering the levels of cholesterol inside your body.

Vitamin A has also some more benefits. Like:

• Strengthens Immune System.

• Powerful Antioxidants

• Prevents cancer and heart disease

• Combat free radicals etc.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is naturally present in many foods. These kinds of vitamins increase in human power. Vitamin A also helps the heart, lungs, kidneys, and other organs work properly.

Beta-carotene present in vitamin A reduces the chances of blindness and loss of vision by preventing macular degeneration. It also ensures and promotes the health of retina and forms visual purple in human eyes. Vitamin A also helps skin grow and repair skin. Other functions of vitamin A include the formation and maintenance of teeth, bones, soft tissue, white blood cells, the immune system, and mucus membranes.

This is vitamin A which helps to maintain a healthy reproductive system. Vitamin is aids in reducing the risk of urinary stones. It helps to ensure proper muscle growth in children. It prevents macular degeneration and night blindness.

Hair is also benefited by vitamin A. It makes the hair:

• Shiny

• Thicker

• Fuller

• Strengthens

It prevents hair loss and scalp dryness.

So every man should be aware of the benefits of vitamin A and regularly take foods rich in vitamin A.

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