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At this time, who doesn’t want to make money online? In a survey, it is found that out of every ten peoples, 8 of them wants to make money online. It is not difficult, but it needs time as well as patient; these two things will make you able to make money online. If you are a person who wants to make money online, then this article is for you. By don’twasteg your precious time, let’s get started.

There are many ways to earn online few of them Which are simple and easy are listed below:


Making a website or Blogspot is very popular these days. You can get free domain names. By posting new feeds, you will get viewers after creating the site and post a new post daily on your website. You can choose any topic for your website. Some of the trending questions are Tech, Gaming, Health, Lifestyle, Education, etc. As your site grows, you can insert google ads into it. This will help you, too, to earn money online. Read books and online articles to create a good website so that your viewers like your content and summarize your ideas into your site content. Know from here how to make your WordPress website. Check what is WordPress by clicking here.


By making a youtube channel, you can earn money in a large amount. The steps to create a youtube channel are straightforward click here to know how to create a youtube channel. The topic for your youtube channel is the same as the topic for a website like Health, Lifestyle, Education Gaming, Technology, Motivational Speaker, Cooking, Science, and very many other issues. For your Content, you can learn from websites and merge your content into your videos after you get your views to monetize your channel & Use google Adsense.


There are some android apps an play store which helps to earn money online by Using them; they consist of points table as you make the point you can convert them into real cash and withdraw with the help PAYTM wallet. The location can be earn by playing games, referring the app to your friends, and you can read the news in these apps. Some of the apps are Roz Dhan & OneAD. These apps are readily available on the play store.

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To download the OneAD app use this link & use the Code: BF77TU4



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