At present,the post of team India is being handled by Virat Kholi,before that the captain of taem India was Mahindra Singh Dhoni.In todays article I am going to tell you about those players which were sucessful under MS Dhoni captaincy and they were flopped under Kholi Captaincy.


Suresh Raina was the middle order batsman of team Indian cricket team.He has palyed many matches under Dhoni captaincy.Under Dhoni care taking he was performing very well for team India and won many matches for INDIAN CRICKET TEAM.However once Kholi became captain of team India and after sometime the downfall of Suresh Raina starts to began.Then he never made comeback to Team India till now.Now a days he is  very good form and he is eagerly wating for comeback in Indian cricket Team.


Ravichandran Ashwin played vary matches under Dhoni Captaincy an he was performing good in all the 3 format of the cricket whether it was T20,ODIs or Test.But under Virat captaincy he was not so effective like he was under Dhoni’s captaincy.Now a days he only play Test matches for Team India.He has made team India won matches single handedly.


Yuvraj Singh is Known as Sixer king of the world.As you all know due to good performance of Yuvraj Singh team India won the world cup 2011 under the captaincy of Manindra Singh Dhoni.As you all know he performed very well through out the world cup with the bat or with the ball.He was awarded as the man of the tournament in the addition of 2011 world cup.After the world cup he goes for his cancer treatment.After defeating cancer when he came back to Indian cricket team he was not so effective.At that time the Captain of Indian Cricket Team was Virat Kohli.


Yusuf pathan was known for his explosive batsman for team India.As you all know he played many matches under Dhoni captaincy and at that time he was doing well.But as when Virat becomes the captain of Team India his perfpormance was going down.He was not performing well with the bat or with the ball.

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